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Wifes Pb Crappie

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Took my wife worm and bobber fishing Thursday night its bout the only way she will fish lately which I don't mind at least she's fishing with me. It started kinda slow compared to normal for that spot till after 10min I noticed she was getting tiny little nibbles she didn't even notice. So I'm sitting there doing my usual "babe your getting a bite....babe set the hook......alexis yank already" because she tends to gut hook 95% of her fish even with circle hooks. But after me telling her to set the hook she finaly did and this wasn't her normal 3inch blue gill. She started pulling and I seen this big silvery black fish tugging so I thought oh a little bass. As she brings it closer I totice its a massive crappie.

She measured 16.5 inches this thing was huge I lipped it with the whole palm of my hand like I do the bigger bass. It wasn't thick or heavy though it was like anorexic skinny must of just spawned out. Still none the less a huge crappie my wife was so proud and exited and so was I. She kept rushing me to get another hook and worm on her line saying"common clayton where there's one crappie there's more hurry" but that was the only one we caught all night. She did gut hook it as well so I cut the hook as far down the shank as I could reach and tosed it back after a few pictures.

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