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11 Point

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Got at 11 point for the second year in a row. 11 point spike that is. finally redeemed my self for missing 2 on opening day at 10yards and another the second day at 20yards. i got this one out of my father in laws stand this morning man did he have some spunk in him for a little guy. i spooked him and he turned right at me slightly quartering i mad the shot took out his shoulder and heart. he bled two little drops there ran for 100yds no blood then it was like following a river of blood he ran 350 maybe 400 yards threw the thickest nastiest brush. once we got up on him i noticed he was sitting up still alive some how just as my nephew asked if i wanted him to put one more in him he got up and chargded my nephew we both shot him twice more each and he was still trying to get at ryan. he died about a foot and a half infront of my nephew. once i got him open i seen my first shot took out the top of his heart. the front shoulder and neck meat is a little messed up we shot him in the neck trying to drop him when he charged ryan. its the farthest iv had to track a deer he took that hornady sst sabot like a champ i couldent believe the amount of blood he had lost. its meat in the freezer though and the backstraps and tendies are un touched.


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