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New Air Brush

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Im shopping for an air brush set up strictly for painting lures. Do you guys have any recommendations or is there anything I need to look for or make sure mine comes with? What psi is required and what brand of paint is best for crankbaits and such. Im looking to stay around $100-$150 if possible. I appreciate the help.

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Personally, I like an airbrush with a .3mm tip, if you want one brush that can do it all on crankbaits. My choice is an Iwata Revolution B - a high quality brush with everything I like: all chromed metal, gravity feed, small paint cup but large enough for crankbaits, and it sells for the very good price of around $80. .3mm is small enough to do some detail work but large enough to shoot pearls and flakes and to do all-over painting on a crankbait. Crankbait painters shoot at anything from 10 psi to 45 psi. So you want a compressor that has a SUSTAINED psi of at least 45 psi. Most compressors advertise their MAX psi, which is usually about 15 psi more than the SUSTAINED psi during use. So get one with a MAX psi of at least 60. Among hobby crankbait painters, regular tool compressors rated for 100+ psi and incorporating an air storage tank are very popular due to their performance and low cost. You need the compressor, an adjustable pressure regulator, and a moisture trap. The regulator/trap is an add-on item sold in home centers for around $25-30. Createx water based acrylic paint is the dominant airbrush paint here in the U.S. Topcoat your baits with a durable waterproof product like epoxy or moisture cured urethane.

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I know nothing about this stuff but would like to give it a whirl. The epoxy you are talking about, I assume its a spray epoxy for use with the airbrush or am I mistaken?

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