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Fyi On Spro Baby Pops Having Issues With The Weights...

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I purchased a baby pop & then noticed the weight was glued in c0ckeyed. So i took it back and looked at the rest of them & sure enough practically all i had looked at had the same issues, regardless of color. This was consistent with Cabelas & Gander Mountain stock of them.

if you look at them in the package you can see the frog hook will likely be shifted to one side & not square to the body as it should. Also if you look down the clear clam shell pack you can see the weight in the butt sitting c0ckeyed...which makes the butt deformed and makes the hooks shift to one side.

some are worse than others but imo its a problem that would effect the action especially walking them. just inspect them before you buy and/or take it out of the package and make sure that weight is sitting properly...i did email spro about the issue...

i'm not nitpicking either & its the first time i've ever found such a major defect in any baits. I thought it was just maybe a bad lot at Cabelas or something but when I went to another town to Gander Mountain I seen the same problem unfortunately...

reply from Spro I got

We are aware of the issue and we are fixing the problem. We appreciate your email and good luck out on the water.


Syd Rives

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