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Here's the latest rods shown at ICAST 2013 from 13 Fishing!

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Hi, my name is Ricky Teschendorf here at the 2013 ICAST show in Las Vegas, at the 13 Fishing booth. I'd like to show you a new product we have this year call the Crankenstein Rod. This will be a rod we feature in our Envy series.


This rod is built on a high-end T-glass construction. It's a composite blank used with toray graphite as well. You can see we have new reel seat here. This is the Sniper Reel Seat. This is one we're very excited about. It comes in three different actions, however, a 7:1, a 7:4, and a 7:11, which is the one I have here named Crankenstein. Hope you guys can check this one out; it will be available in retailers very, very soon.


I'd like to also go through the Omen line of rods. These are our rods that are going to retail between $100 and $130 dollars. This rod is built on a solid 30-ton toray Japanese graphite blank. What's cool about our rods is that we own our own component company called Evolve. So, you can see from trim ring to handle to reel seat, we build everything in house, which makes our rods have the custom look and the custom feel. We have titanium guides that we also build in house, zirconia inserts. This is a hot product for 2013 and 2014; make sure to check it out.


I'm Ricky from 13 Fishing, and thanks for visiting us at the Las Vegas ICAST show.

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