2011 Classic Day 2

The top contenders of the 2011 Bassmasters Classic reveal their tactics right here! An HD Video.

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Dave Wolak: No, it didn't go too great, I mean, it was a long boat ride in fog, and a three-hour fog delay in the morning. I got there with 45 minutes to fish, and just, my first five bites, put them in the boat, and immediately turned around and start the boat up and run back. That makes for quite a hectic timing thing in your head.

There's so much that goes into it, and I'm only looking at five little fish for not even eight pounds, and still trying to get back there another day, because I know areas have potential, if I have 3-4 hours in. But that's the breaks, that's the gamble I took to take a long run, and that's what you get fishing the Mississippi River this time of the year.

I would probably take the gamble again. Because I didn't think that Catawachee was really a feasible, winning location simply because of all the local pressure, and everybody's fishing right around each other. Apparently it is, and with the limited field and fog for several hours, that could be where the winner comes from.

Glenn: What are your thoughts on the fishery?

Dave Wolak: The fishery is awesome, I mean, I love this place. I think that it's exceptionally well rounded in terms of guys doing different things and different patterns, it's huge and diverse, and we just unfortunately had a time of the year where there's a huge water temperature versus air temperature differential.

We had exceptionally warm weather, and that's what created the fog and we've, in the last two days in terms of hours, I've had five hours out of my day that I would've been fishing, and that's with taking four hours plus of running everyday too.

So, it's fun to fish here, but it takes a lot of work, and you go through a lot of lower units and a lot of props and stuff getting around cause everything's exceptionally shallow, especially after the hurricanes. Once you know your way around, it's kind of cool and you can have an advantage.

I think it's kind of like a tournament fisherman's paradise down here, just simply because you can find a little hole in the wall some place and catch them. Plus, fish move around so much with even high water, that it's an ever changing place. And that's what I always look for is a variable in term of fishing, and this place offers all that stuff.

Gary Klein: Well, today was rather exciting. Long run, not much fishing time, and I caught me a good bag of fish. I was pretty excited. Very pleased. I was actually pleased just to have five in the live well. I had no idea, I thought I had about 14 pounds. I wasn't even weighing them, I was just catching them, putting a clip on them, and throwing them in the live well. I had no time. I had to get there, fish, and get back. So I'm pretty well satisfied with the way the day came and worked out.

Boyd Duckett: Well, at the end of yesterday I think I was in 15th place. I thought about running back down to Venice again today and trying to catch them, but there was really no point. I was five or six pounds out of the lead, and needed to catch a big 20 pound bag so I stayed close up the Catawachee, and I never found them, but I looked for them all. So I tried.

Glenn: What were you throwing?

Boyd Duckett: I was fishing at flat back there, fishing shallow run and crank bait. ChatterBait. Spinner bait. Just covering water, trying to find a school of them.

Glenn: Did the fog change your plans at all?

Boyd Duckett: Not really. I had already made a decision to stay local. Some of the guys can catch them at Venice like that, but Venice is good for 15 or 16 pounds for me and I needed 20 to have a shot to win. Thanks Grigsby.

Just running a little interference there for my buddy. So I stayed up and...There he is.

Boyd Duckett: It's a mad house around here. Get a bunch of pros and it's like Kindergarten.

Glenn: What are your thoughts on the fishery?

Boyd Duckett: It's a great fishery, Venice, I had so much fun down there. I fished two days, practiced two days down there, fished one day of the tournament. It was an unbelievable fishery down there. You catch so doggone many fish, bass, red fish, speckled trout. You catch it all while you're fishing.

Then there are some really big ones up here, you can catch some big bags. We're here, unfortunately because of the cold winter, about a week late. They're coming on now, some of the guys saw some of them on beds already. When we got here a week ago the water was 44 degrees and it was dead. Had we have gotten that week of warm weather a little bit sooner, you'd see these weights boosted way up from what they are.

Dave Watson: The fog delay, I just couldn't get to my fish down below Venice, so I had one spot close. Went to it. Locals were all over it. Soon as I shut down, one of them reaches in his cooler and pulls out two three-pounders out of his cooler and shows them to me.

Then they commenced making sure they stayed in front of me for the next hour, hopping around, firing up the Brigs and Stratten, and thrashing everything. That's how my morning started. I finally ended up catching a couple fish. I should've done better, not blaming them at all, still should've caught some more fish. Just a tough day. Had one of those days, you know? What could go wrong did today. Missed a couple.

Glenn: What are your thoughts on those fishery?

Dave Watson:  Great place to fish. I was down here in December for a week or so and just caught tons of good fish. 60, 80, 3 - 4 pound fish today. just wiping them. Great place to fish. It's good now. Just getting ready to really turn on I think.

Glenn: You know there's millions of guys who want to be in your shoes. Can you give us some thoughts on your first Classic, what it's like to be here.

Dave Watson: Well, I had a couple buddies come down that had fished in my club, the club that I was in for the last 20-some years or something. We all stayed BASS affiliated for the reason of maybe coming here some day. I finally made it and I think a lot of guys that fish a club that's affiliated with BASS, that's in the back of their mind. It can happen. You just put together two or three good tournaments and you can get here, and it's worth it.

Aaron Martens: It started off okay, and it kind of went south pretty quick. I knew it was going to be tough for today, it was a real short day, we had very little time to really adjust. And things were the same as yesterday, but things had changed fishing wise. I was getting the bites, I know I was getting a lot of bites, and I mean, really good bites. [inaudible 06:56] put a slack in your line, and you miss them, and hang them, and they come off, and if I had just switched up a little earlier, especially the first hour, I think I probably could've done really well.

I just switched up too late, caught two on it when I did switch up. But the day went by fast, just a frustrating day. Then watching the guys around you, not everyone, but the few guys that you're up against catching pretty good. You can't help it, your fishing towards them, and he gets another big one, and you're like "Ah man, they're biting." I'm not mad at the guys catching them, I know they're biting, and I'm not catching them. It's just frustrating.

Glenn: So you're more frustrated with yourself?

Aaron Martens: Yeah.

Derek Remitz: All in all, it was a pretty good day. It was kind of confusing because I'm still wondering why I didn't catch them as good yesterday. Overall, I'm happy with the way it went. I made a few adjustments as far as the speed as I was fishing, I think that helped out a lot today, as far as getting more quality bites. Overall, I'm real happy with the way it went.

John Crews: Well, Bass Masters Classic, day two here, little disappointed, had 11.5 pounds. Made the long run down to Venice through the fog. I needed little windshield wipers on my sunglasses. I kept having to wipe them off because they just kept getting beaded up with water, and I have to wipe them off, wipe them off. I'll bet you I wiped them off 60 times. It was really tense. Then when you got there, you were like "Ah, finally. I've gotten to where I'm going to fish." And then you only have two and a half hours to get it done.

So it was a little nerve wracking, caught about 10 keepers today, culled up to about 11.5 pounds. Only got two fish, the weigh in fish, had to weigh three little guys. So it was kind of frustrating, then again, at the Bassmasters Classic, trying to make it all happen. If it's your time to win it, it's your time to win it. You can't be too frustrated about just being here, and catching fish, and doing okay.

Glenn: What are you throwing?

John Crews: I was flipping to catch my fish, threw a ChatterBait a little bit around, didn't have a sniff on it, but I ended up catching all mine flipping. Once you get to where you're fishing, it's sunny and calm, but you had to run through miles and miles and miles of fog to get there. Then you get there and it's sunny and flat and still, and it's kind of hard, so the fish are kind of tucked up in there, and you got to really slow down and flip. I had to make multiple presentations and really soak it in there to get my bites today, so that was what happened.

Gerald Swindle: I've fished some of the same areas, I've studied Catawachee, and I've worked in some canals down below Salvador. And I caught a lot of fish; I just never caught any big fish. I had, you know, 9.5 pounds today or something. Just never had a big bite. I don't know what I would do different. Maybe I didn't find the big ones. It was just some of the best areas I had close, and after catching that many fish and not catching a big one, I'm just convinced that they don't live in there.

Glenn: Did the fog affect your game plan?

Gerald Swindle: I was kind of prepared to fish close if I had to, and that's why I've done that. I thought the fog might be an advantage, but it turned out to be... It should've been, I just didn't find the big ones close enough to me.

Mike Iaconelli: Well, it was another foggy morning; it was another delay. Really hurts the guys making that big run. I went down anyway, decided to go down and really see if I could capitalize on getting some bigger bites down there. Ended up getting about two hours of fishing, which is plenty of time. But I was still unable to generate a big strike.

It's pretty confusing, because what happened in this area is, the water got dirty, and it came up a little bit. And your instinct is to get up and flip even tighter to the cover, when the water rises it gets dirty, they usually get tighter to the cover. When in fact it seems like the opposite is happening, seems like they're getting looser to the cover, they're roaming more out to the middle. That makes it a little harder, because you don't have targets to pitch to.

Hopefully, I'll make this cut here, and I'll have one more day, and I got to go back down and try one more time to see if I can find those big fish. At this point, I need a really, really big bag to catch up. But it's fishing, you never know, so I'm going to go back down and try one more time.

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