2010 Classic Day 3

The top contenders of the 2010 Bassmasters Classic reveal their tactics right here! An HD Video.

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Glenn: How did you do today?

Pam Martin-Wells: I got another limit, there ain't a whole lot to them but I'll take them.   

Glenn: What's your primary pattern.

Pam Martin-Wells: I've been fishing in the very backs of some creeks and as this water was dropping it, just pulled them out to the creek channels and I just been fishing the actual creek channels, stumps and stuff on the edge of creek channels.

Glenn: What baits are you using?

Pam Martin-Wells: Pardon me?

Glenn: What baits have you been using?

Pam Martin-Wells: Shaky head and a Stanley jig mainly.  A lot of bigger fish come off the jig. 

Glenn: Any particular techniques?

Pam Martin-Wells: Fishing it slow.  Everybody else is catching fish on crankbaits and Rat-L-Traps I can't get bit unless I'm moving it slow. Go figure.

Glenn: How did you do today Mark?

Mark Tucker: It was tough. I had to force feed them again and I just stuck with a jig and just tried to fish slow.  You almost had to hypnotize yourself to fish that slow.  The water is just so cold, they just aren't very active.  The large mouth back in those creeks are just so different than the spotted bass, and that cold water even got those fish lethargic. 

Glenn: What's your primary pattern?

Mark Tucker: Just a jig, just flipping a jig, and trying to flip bluffy rock and I'd never caught any fish around grass, everything was on rock.  

Shaw Grigsby: Caught five fish, just small ones probably go about eight pounds.  I'll probably drop three or four or five positions but it was still a good Classic.  Making the cut and I just didn't put it together like I should have. 

Glenn: What was your primary pattern?

Shaw Grigsby: Throwing lipless crank bait right on the outside edge of the grass and down the banks and it was a lot of fun.  Caught a lot of fish up until today and it was just a real struggle today.

Gerald Swindle: It's 2010 Classic is in the books and I took it on the chin.  Looks like it's going to be another case of VD.  It's starting to burn when I pee if you know what I mean, he's going to win again.  How else should I say it? It wasn't what I anticipated.  I thought the weights were going to be down.  It seems like every time I think that, they just smoke them.  Live and learn, I would have never thought or dreamed they were going to catch them as big as they did. And I'll be [dag gum] they caught them again so. 

Cliff Pace: I only caught four today.  I really struggled ever since day one.  I found some groups of fish I thought would give me the potential to win this tournament that I just spent way to much time on them the second day and it just never developed, never happened.  I don't know where they went or what happened to them but they changed, something changed and I just never did put it together again for the rest of the event.  I spent too much time really beating a dead horse I guess you can say. 

Glenn: What's your primary pattern?

Cliff Pace: I caught all my fish on a football head jig, out in about 8 to 15 feet of water.   They we're just staged in little rough areas back in the creeks.  Just typical, what you'd expect them to be on this time of year early spring staging a spawn.  I really don't know what changed it; I really felt like that would be a real consistent pattern.  I didn't fish all my better places the first day because I didn't really feel like I needed to.  And for some reason those fish, it seemed like the spotted bass bite has just got really, really tough and a lot harder to come by the last couple of days.  You see all these guys with big bass and largemouth, but I chose to fish for the spots because I that they would be focused on less, and believe it or not, the spots live in this lake.  You can win an event like this with them  I proved that the first day when I caught what I caught.  But they just for some reason didn't want to cooperate for the last two day, which forced me to struggle very badly.

Bobby Lane: Today, 3rd day of 2010 Bassmaster Classic, my plan every morning was to run up the river catch a limit and then come back down and flip some of this lay-lay grass and try to catch some big fish in it.  The plan worked yesterday, tried to duplicate that today and couldn't get anything going.  It was kind of frustrating, I went through my best stretch and I didn't have a bite and I came back through it again and late in the day and I didn't get a bite.  I did catch a small fish so. 

It kind of let me know I needed to go do some new areas and every where I went there was traffic everywhere.  Of course the best creek in the lake seemed like Bees Wax obviously.  I didn't want to go in there too bad and mess anybody up. But I had a good tournament, made the cut. I had caught some nice fish yesterday, and look forward to 2010, I'm excited about it. 

Glenn: What's your primary pattern?

Bobby Lane: I was throwing a Berkley hand pour up a creek on a drop shot, flipping a Revenge jig.  When I'd come back down south I'd flip a Berkley Chigger Craw with a 1 1/2 ounce True Tungsten in the heavy mats. 

Glenn: So are you fishing primarily reeds or rocks?

Bobby Lane: I was fishing mostly matted up lay-lay grass.  When the water drops the grass mats and when it gets real cold the grass dies and it folds over, and I pitching a big weight down through the middle of that trying to scoop some of them up, some of those new ones that had been under there for a while but they hadn't quite thawed out yet I don't think. 

James Niggemeyer: Today I just really struggled just even getting bites.  I had four little keepers and I was really happy to have them.  Everyday I've usually had about a three pound bite and they never came today.   Caught them on finesse worms and Strike King Rodents, and Bama Bug color.  Flipping mats and running everything from 20 miles up the lake to like 10 miles down  the lake.  So, I've been mixing it up and it's been fun I've really enjoyed it making Bassmaster Classic what can you say, that's really an honor.

Takahiro Omori: Today was kind of a tough day for me.  I caught four keepers.  I lost one; I missed a couple of more.  But over all I didn't get any big bites and it was a really tough day. 

Glenn: What was your primary pattern?

Takahiro Omori: I was flipping to the back basically wood, any stumps I was fishing up the river.

Glenn: Real shallow?

Takahiro Omori: It's about I'd say three to eight feet. 

Glenn: What was your primary bait?

Takahiro Omori: Sweet Beaver. 

Tommy Biffle: No, I had to swing for the fence so  I was six or seven pounds behind so I stayed out on the river and tried to catch those fish in that current and ended up with one little one.

Glenn: What was your primary pattern?

Tommy Biffle: I was fishing some creeks in the mornings, catching a limit and then fishing out on the river the rest of the day and then couple hours to go I'd come back down the lake when the water warmed up.  I caught about three or four good fish in practice.  I don't know where they went; I fished it everyday.  I fished it again for a couple of hours, same thing those guys were doing, a little old spotty grass in the bay and I've never had a bite since practice.

Glenn: What baits were you using?

Tommy Biffle: I was throwing a jig and a Rat-L-Trap. Rattling bait, shallow about three feet or less...

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