Rigging & Using Rage Tail Baits with Creator Big-O

Learn how to use RageTail baits direct from the inventor! Steve Parks reveals tips and tricks to get the most out of your baits.

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Thanks to everybody here for number one, for just supporting Rage Tail. I guess you all know that the Rage Tail is distributed by Strike King Lure Company and I appreciate you guys giving me an opportunity to come here and just speak in front of you and show you some of the new products that we have, but also talk to you some about the other products.

All of us are pretty familiar with the Rage Toad, the Rage Shad and the first series of Chunks and Craws that we came out with and it's obvious you are because you're fishing pretty well and you're catching fish with them. One of the things that I think you noticed on the forum that there's a lot of people who just didn't understand how to use the shad. The toad is a little bit different, but on the Shad I guess one of the most important thing about it is these new clams that we came out with. That helps us maintain the shape and the integrity of the baits.

That also helps you, to guarantee that you get the best benefit out of every one of the baits. One of the things I think I've mentioned before is for sure on the shad, 4/0 EWG hook and for sure on the toad, a 5/0 EWG hook. Now many of us have the toads that when we fish a toad or a frog or a buzz frog on the surface, sometimes we can cast it out there and it lands upside down and we pull it back, it catches fish, upside down, right side up, it doesn't make any difference. But I like it when the bait runs right side up.

This toad right here is rigged. I'll just go ahead and pass it around a little bit. This one is rigged with a 4/0 EWG hook because I didn't have a 5/0 to show you tonight. If you'll notice, this toad, his belly is keeled like a boat and if you look at him like this he's keeled just like a boat. If you can imagine, if it lands on its back all you have to do is move it and it'll turn back over to its stomach.

The key to this is to maintain this shape like this on the belly and also all of us skin hook the back of it, which we should, but when we skin hook it if you bow it up like this, now we've actually moved the keel to the back. See how the back is bowed like this? That tells this toad he doesn't want to run on his stomach anymore, now he wants to run on his back.

The important thing, especially with any toad that you use, it makes no difference whether it's the Rage Tail Toad or anyone else's, or buzz frog. What we want to do is keep the back of the bait either straight or just a slight downward bow to the belly, and if you'll notice, this bait is actually hooked on this hook and his nose is turned up a little bit. I didn't turn it up on purpose. I just hooked it right in the center of the nose and you'll notice the distance is between 3/8 and 1/2 inch that I went down right underneath his chin there.

If you'll look at this there's that little slot in his back. This one is skin hooked, but there's a little slot in his back that the hook actually fits in, whether it be a 4/0 or 5/0 hook and I'd rather use 5/0 for sure. Actually, it hides it in there for you and you don't have to deform the bait.

How many of you saw Kim Stricker when he did the show on the toad recently on TV, Hook and Look? You saw that J.J.? Well, he caught some really magnificent fish and it was a public lake and he just wore the fish out. In fact, he caught a huge smallmouth.

This toad right here, as it's hooked right here, you'll see this and I know each one of you have already probably saw this on BassResource when I made this thread. If you all would, just pass this one around and I think some of you got some toads in your bag. Another thing about the toad, this softer texture is the latest texture that we're using and the reason that softer texture is the way it is, the harder texture actually rips more.

When a fish hits it and they get up on top and they're just thrashing all over the place you notice how sometimes your bait just flies off of it? That's because the fish is actually tearing it in the fight up at the top. That softer texture actually allows the bait to give or roll up into the hook itself and it doesn't tear quite as bad. So that softer texture is the texture of all the new baits, all the new toads.

You'll also notice that that toad has a much better action than the harder toads. That being said, you can run it slower and get as much sound or more and plus when you run it slow you'll notice that the head of the bait is actually tapping his chin, he's tapping the water like this while it's feet are back there doing the flapping motion.

Now on the shad, everybody already knows how to hook the shad? Let's try to apply the same type of information when we use the Rage Tail Shad. Do you know how that body is kind of shaped like V or a pyramid or whatever, or I guess it would be a diamond shape. Let's try to keep that bait to where it's relatively flat too because when we skin hook it and we bow that body up like this, we're actually causing that bait to want to turn over to one side or want to flip over.

If we keep it flat and let it plane out, actually the hook, the 4/0 EWG, and I would use a Superline hook on it, that 4/0 EWG is actually its keel and with this bait flat like this the nose is already up because the hook and the weight of the tail is pointing it up, so when you pull it you'll notice how fast it comes to the surface anyway. So try to keep that bait as flat as you can when you skin hook that as well and you'll probably get better action out of it.

The reason that I don't like to use a 5/0 or a 6/0 hook or a bigger hook like that on that bait is because if you stretch the bait or you elongate the body a little bit, will you catch fish? Yes. But does it do as good a job as I think it should do? No. Actually, I think it will do a better job for you if you use that 4/0 EWG and you keep it as flat as you can and don't elongate the body a little bit.

Let's see, also coffee scent. There's a new coffee scent and it's going to be in all of the Rage Tail baits and we've just changed that here recently. Everybody who's fished the new coffee tubes from Strike King you'll notice how that that's become a pretty hot item and the fish do hold it longer and whether that scent makes that much different I don't know. I really like the crawfish butter too. It really makes no difference to me, I'm going to dip it in J.J.s anyway.

It's one of those kind of things where the scents on the baits could go either way, but the coffee scent does smell good to me. That's the way it is, I like it. On the craws there's really not a change other than this coffee scent, the chunks same thing as well.

The Anaconda bait. Is there somebody that's fished the Anaconda over once or twice? The texture on the Anaconda, we've made it slightly softer. It's not enough that you would even notice it, but it's enough that the texture that we had in the Anacondas right at first I found out in super cold water it didn't have as good of an action as I thought it should have, so what we did was we softened it by 2 durometers, and that's the way plastic is measured, in durometer hardness.

We softened it by 2 durometers. You may notice and you may not and it still won't tear up as easy. I think Kent has made mention that he's used several of the Anacondas and it's really a pretty tough plastic. I promise you, just like last year, BassResource will be the first one to see all the new baits. I'll try to post those up as soon as I can. All of you know that we have the Rage Tail website, that if you have any questions or any of your friends have questions about the Rage Tail baits you can send them to the website, let them click on the product page and it should give them some understanding or some extra information on how to do the hooking instructions and things like that.

Again, I want to tell you that I appreciate the opportunity to be here, but mainly to be able to match faces with all of you, the names that I've seen on our forum. I appreciate all of your interest, number one in the Rage Tail baits, but number two thanks for allowing me to be here and I've enjoyed talking with all of you. Brian and Joe, thanks for fishing with me yesterday. I had a great time. It was wonderful to be able to fish with you guys.

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