How Well Can Bass See?

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What do bass see and how to select lure colors. You might be surprised by the answers in this video with underwater footage!!

Can you elaborate a little bit about how well bass can see?

Yeah, that's a really good question. It would be great if we can ask them, but bass can't talk, they really can't tell us. So instead, what we need to rely upon is what biologists have found and what the scientists have discovered is that roughly bass can see four to five times more light than humans. What that means is that they can see better and further distances underwater than humans can see.

So, for example, in really clear water conditions, bass can see, say about 40 to 50 feet, whereas a human, if they were underwater, and they had on, you know, diving goggles, they would only be able to see say 10 to 15 feet. And then as the water gets more and more murky, more dingy, the distances become, you know, less and less. But, the point of the matter is, is you can use this information when you're choosing what kind of lures to fish based upon the water clarity.

So before you make that first cast, if you know the water is really clear, the bass have a better...can see further and scrutinize baits better, then you use more natural-looking baits with more natural colors such as the browns and the greens. Whereas, if it's really murky and dirty, then you can use lures that have a lot more vibration, and a lot more flash for the bass be able to see them. It also helps position the bass as well. Usually, if the bass is deeper, if the water is clear, then the bass will be deeper and they'll hide a little bit better from the baitfish, whereas if the water's really murky, then the bass are gonna be up shallower so they can see further and ambush their prey.