Fishing Your Strengths

Elite Series pro Britt Meyers gives you his tips on becoming a better bass angler!
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My name's Britt Myers. I'm from South Carolina. I'm a Bassmaster Elite Series Pro.

You hear it in term, fishing your strength, that's what you need to do. You hear there's a lot of talk going all over, there are people out there, they're talking about, you know, they're catching them 30 feet deep. You may never have done that before, and if you want to be productive, you need to fish your strength.

Bass fishing, or any fishing in general is all about confidence, if you go out there with low self esteem, you feel like your not going to catch anything, your not going to catch anything. You need to go out there and fish, how you know you've caught fish and the past, and learn how to expand on that.

There's so many times that I'm out fishing tournaments, like right now we're out here at the California delta, and if I'm out here fishing, and I hear that so, and so's, catching 'em 25 feet deep, and I know that I don't know this lake that well, but there's a lot of shore line, and I feel confident that I can catch fish doing that. I may start out fishing deep. Two, three hours of being really not being productive, and all the sudden I go to the bank and I'm fishing,  3 or 4, you know 30 minutes or so, and I catch two bass. That's my strength, that's what I feel confident with, and that's how I'll probably continue to fish the rest of the tournament.

Every bass tournament that goes on, people catch 'em many, many different ways, and that's what makes this sport, you know, so much fun.

My particular strengths in bass fishing really, I don't actually at any certain style fishing, I think I'm pretty good at all types, whether it's deep or shallow, but more times then many, it's taken me many years to figure this out. That any time that I have a really good tournament, in most cases, I'm fishing shallow. The way I started out fishing.

As I was a kid, I started fishing' shallow, and then, as the tournament goes on, I love to fish offshore, and I think I'm pretty good at doing that. I've done well in tournaments doing' that, but when it comes down to it, I have the very most confidence on covering shallow water. Because back home, where I'm from, North Carolina, South Carolina, that's where the majority of the fish are caught. And just like I said from the beginning, you got to fish your strength, and stick with it, it'll make you a lot better angler.

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