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Ryan: Hey guys, I'm Ryan Lamb with BassResource, and people know me on there as Senko77. I'm here with Dean Rojas. Dean, thanks for being with us.

Dean Rojas: Thanks Ryan. It's nice to be here.

Ryan: Got a pleasure to fish with Dean yesterday, and this guy's the real deal. Dean, I got to ask some of the guys in there what they wanted to know from you, and as you can tell, everyone asks about the Frogs. 

Dean: Sure.

Ryan:  So I have some questions for you.  When did you start throwing the Frog?

Dean: I started throwing it about 2002. That's when I really started to learn it, and became infatuated with it, and it wasn't until the 2004 Classic that basically the whole Frog exploded. After that, I designed my own Frog., my SPRO BronzeEye Frog, and it's been my buddy ever since.

Ryan: There's a lot of colors that the Bronze Eye comes in, but a lot of people were asking are the colors more important on the back, or is the belly more important? And if it is, how do you go about choosing what belly color to do?

Dean:  Well, a lot of it has to do with water clarity. Usually the clearer the water, the lighter the color of the body tends to work well.  The darker colors, your blacks and browns, your grays and so forth, are good when it's overcast, or in the mornings or evenings when you have low light.

Ryan: Now, what kind of equipment do you throw it on?

Dean: I use my Signature Series Frog Rod made by Quantum. It's seven foot, medium-heavy rod that's got a fast tip and is the optimum rod to move when you're frogging. It's got nice fast tip so you're able to work it, or walking-the-dog back and forth, and it's all butt from 10 inches on down. It's an awesome rod. It's nice and light. Then we have a seven-to-one ratio Quantum burner reel that I use for that.

Ryan: Any modifications that you do on your Frog?

Dean: The Frog, what I'll do, is  I'll trim the legs, usually three-quarter inch to an inch, off of each leg, and at times I'll open up the hooks depending on the condition.

Ryan: If you could pick one time to throw the Frog, optimal conditions, what's it going to be? When do you throw in that thing?

Dean: I think whenever you're fishing and the Shad are spawning, that's a really good to throw them, when you're in the cover. Mainly when the water temperature's in the 63, 64 degree temperature, in the springtime is really good because the fish are on the bank and their wanting to eat.

Ryan: Now this is something a little bit different from the Frog,  how do you deal with the pre-tournament jitters, making sure you feel confident? What do you do to get yourself into the zone?

Dean: Just being mentally prepared and having all of my equipment at 100 percent. For me, that's it. I'm at peace with that. I don't  have any worries and I can just focus in on every cast, every pitch,  every movement I do. I know that my equipment's at 100 percent, and I won't have any failure.

Ryan: All right, Dean, and last question, what is the biggest fish you have ever caught on the Frog?

Dean: The biggest fish I ever caught on a Frog was at Lake Darnell and it was a nine-pounder.

Ryan: Well, there you go guys, from the Frog man himself. Dean, thanks for being with us.

Dean: Thank you. I appreciate it.

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