How To Use Sonar, DownVu, and SideVu Together

Pro angler Jason Christie explains how to use Chirp Sonar, DownVu, and SideVu together in this instructional video.

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Hey guys Jason Christie here, Garmin pro. I want to talk to you today about the three different types of sonar by Garmin, and how I use the three in conjunction with each other. How I verify one thing from another.

   Here we’re looking at CHIRP sonar. You can see a tree, and some fish. A little rock there. This is the pictures directly below the boat, actually like a little cone. And what I see there I verify on SideVu and DownVu. I’m looking here, I see trees, on the DownVu picture I see a stump, a tall skinny tree. I can see a fish suspended right there off of that ledge.

   Without these three working together, it would make my job a lot tougher. It’s the same way vice versa. I see something on DownVu, and I think I probably know what it is, I can look right here on CHIRP and verify and know exactly what it is.

   Now here we’re coming back on a hump. It draws a perfect picture of a tree.

   You can change that. Don’t be afraid to mess with your unit. DownVu, brightness, you can actually play with that. I want the happy medium. I don’t want it too bright, and I don’t want it dull where it fades everything out. Just play with that bar there. Right there, that’s a pretty picture.

   And what you’ll find out is, it changes not only your depth but also the hardness of the bottom. Your settings can change. But the biggest thing is, don’t be afraid to change it, because you can’t hurt it. I promise you.

   This is the way I use my Garmin sonar. It makes my job a lot easier.

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