Megastrike Widegap ShakE2 Head

Megastrike's Bobby Uhrig shows you the brand new ShakE2 Widegap jig head!
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Hey, how you doing? I’m Bobby Uhrig; you know us from BassResource. Company name is MegaStrike. You know that we always have a good time. We talk a lot on BassResource and we have a lot of fun with the guys. One of the things that we really are serious about is our bass fishing. We’re bass fisherman, just like you. We are here at ICAST, the largest show in the world for fishing tackle. Anything fishing, you can find in this building. We are MegaStrike. I want to show you some of our new products for this year.


Most of you guys out there have been using our new pro model shaky head, the ShakE2 Head. This head is actually one of most productive baits that you could ever use, one of the most productive terminal tackles that you could ever use. That head is really unique. Now that we’re getting into some of the bigger baits, what we did is we invented our new wide gap hooks on those baits. That wide gap hook right there, for using on larger beaver-style baits . . . where’s a beaver-style bait? Bigger bulkier baits; you want an extra-wide gap hook on there so that that hook comes down and gives it more of a bite for that fish to get hooked. Let me tell you; these extra-wide gap, we’ve got them in saltwater models. We’ve got them all the way up to 2-ounce models. We’ve got them in our saltwater series; any where up to 2 ounces. For you guys that are fresh water and saltwater fishing, let me tell you, that’s the neat deal right here.


I’m Bobby Uhrig, at ICAST. Take care. I want you guys to give us a shout at You can find us always on BassResource, your Number 1 resource for bass fishing knowledge. Have a great day. Take care.

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