Do Expensive Lures Catch More Fish?

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Can a $15 lure will out fish a $5 lure? The surprising answer is revealed in this video!

Glenn: All right, here's an interesting question.

"Glenn, do you believe that a $15 lure will outfish a $5 lure?"

Well, that's a really good question. You know, I think that we overthink too much when it comes to lures. We put way too much thought and effort into buying and choosing lures than the bass spends thinking whether or not they're gonna bite it. Expensive lures I think, yeah, they do have their attributes that can make them more appealing and thus get more bites.

But that said, I really think it's more about the presentation than how much money you spent on a lure. If you picked the right lure for the right conditions and fished it at the right depth with the right presentation, it's gonna get bit. Notice I didn't even say color, 'cause a lotta times we spend too much thought on color. It's getting that bait in the right spot with the right presentation that appeals to the bass at that moment. That's what really triggers a bite. How much you spend on it isn't as much of a factor.

That said, confidence has everything to do with fishing. If you don't have confidence in the bait that you're throwing, then you're not gonna spend as much attention, and your focus isn't gonna be there. Your attention to detail and how well you present that lure and your casting accuracy is gonna be impacted by that. So, if a more expensive lure gives you that confidence, then that is key in catching more bass.

So, fish what you like to fish, what you think is gonna work best, and you're gonna catch a lot more fish.