What Is FishHound.com?

What is FishHound.com?  Is it a good deal?  Is it legit?  This short video explains.

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Hey, guys. Rick Patri from Fishhound.com. If you don't know about Fishhound.com, you should check it out today. It's 100 percent free to join, and we'll give you fishing reports on your favorite waters across the country.


We're not talking about just reports from guys like me. We're talking about licensed tour guides, professional anglers, people that are on the water every single day. They're going to tell you where to go, when to go, and what to throw, so that you can catch more fish.


On top of that, every single month we're going to email you gift cards to your favorite shops, to help you save money. We've got the best loyalty program on the planet. Simply come to the site and participate. You'll earn points for every activity that you perform, and you trade those points for a free product.


We partner with every manufacturer in the business, and they give us the product to give to you, because they want your feedback to help make the products better. So, check us out today at Fishhound.com.

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