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Man, I love fishing. I love it! I mean, when I'm not actually fishing, I'm thinking about fishing. When I'm not thinking about fishing, I'm dreaming about fishing. I mean, sometimes I'll just come down and check out my tackle box and just look at all my fishing gear.


Well, that's why I joined, because for less than 10 bucks a month, they help me fill out this whole tackle box with fishing gear. I'm not talking about just sample packs either. They even let me pick out the stuff that I wanted, which is important. They've got baits, lures, terminal tackle, rods, reels, all kinds of accessories from all the best manufacturers in the business. Plus they gave me 25 bucks in gift cards to help me save money on stuff that I was already buying anyway.


So if you love fishing and you want to fill out your tackle box this year, then you need to join Check it out.

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