New G-Loomis Rods - 2012

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Hi, I'm Justin Poe, Brand Manager for G. Loomis. This year at ICAST we're coming out with a brand new GLX. The brand new GLX is something that's been a long time coming, but at the same time it's really the brand that's going to put our brand on the map. When you think of G. Loomis, you think of GLX. GLX has basically been unchanged since about 1993, and this year in 2012 we have 18 brand new, very unique actions that have never been built out of GLX material before.

   That said, the GLX material has also changed, so we have an upgrade to the GLX material. In the 18 models we started with brand new 12 crankbait actions as well as six flip-punch actions. In crankbait we have everything from one power, short bill, small bill crankbaits for very shallow water, all the way up to 7 foot 11 seven powers for deep-diving crankbaits, 6XDs, DD22s, things like that. In the flip-punch actions, we have everything from two powers in 7 foot 5 and 7 foot 11, all the way up to six powers. So, from everything from flipping very small plastics, 3/8 ounce Texas rig weight pegged, all the up to 2.5 ounce punch skirts we have you covered.

   As far as the actual changes in the rod, like I said, the material has changed. We have a new tabbing system that makes the rods 20 to 25% stronger. We didn't change the overall flex and power of flipping sticks, based on what we had before, however, we have some new designs that have made them much stronger. All the sensitivity you ever expected out of your GLX or all that you've experienced before, has actually been increased. It's not the same, they're more sensitive than before.

   As far as the componentry, we have brand new configurations. As you can see, the split grips in many applications, brand new custom fit reel seat, it's a fully body, full style, custom fit reel seat. Very great stuff. Very, very strong. Very, very tough, and we've gone to a more rigid guide frame using titanium SICs. We really feel that this is the best GLX we've ever made, and we're very excited for anglers to get their shot to feel the new GLX. Thank you very much.

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