Havoc Backslide 2013

See the new Berkley Havoc Backslide, introduced at ICAST 2013!



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Hello, there. I'm Brad Danbom. We're here at the 2013 ICAST and I want to talk about the new Iaconelli-designed Havoc Backslide. You can actually see all the different colors right here, but I want to focus in right here on this one.


I'm going to actually go on the record saying this is the most innovative shape we have ever designed. We've been working with Mike Iaconelli for three years to make this, what appears to be a very simple shape, a reality. But what happens when I turn this over, you can start to see there's something different on this last quarter right here, on this last inch, and is what it is, it's a dual density bait.


The front part is a light density, the back part is a darker, or deeper, heavier density, so what that does, is that it's heavier. So, it's going to make it slide backwards, a la the Backslide. So, what we've also done to that is we've add these three pair of little kicker legs. So, as that is backsliding, you can imagine, these things are going to shimmy, they're going to shake, they're going to entice the fish, drawing them in so you can catch more fish.


So, what this is going to allow you to do now is you want to get into that cover or you want to get under those docks, places you've never been able to get your bait into. You know they're in there, now you have a bait to actually get in there. Havoc Backslide designed by Mike Iaconelli.

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