HobieCat And The Power-Pole Micro Anchor

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Check out this demonstration of the Power-Pole Micro Anchor mounted on a Hobie Kayak.

Hey, guys. Keaton Eoff with Hobie Cat here. You know we're always trying to be the innovator in the market and we look for innovation. I want to show you something one of our partners introduced this year, Power-Pole. Now, Power-Pole's known in the boat motor market you know, for bass tournaments as the deploying stake out anchors and you'll see them double on a lot of bass boats.

Well, Power-Pole's come out with the Power-Pole Micro, just perfect for our kayaks. You're going to see this take over the kayak world. When it comes to serious fishing and serious fisherman want great products, Power-Pole has come out with the Power-Pole Micro Stakeout Anchor. Two presses on the little key pod and that's going to deploy down and stop my kayak in its tracks. So, whether it's windy, whether I'm cruising along, as soon as I see fish and want to stop, two pumps on the keypad, it deploys. Two more pumps, it's going to lift right up, I'm on my way after fish, covering more water.

So, check out the Power-Pole Micro and check out your Hobie Cat Pro Angler. They fit great together and they'll make a great combination when you're on the water helping you catch more fish.