Sports Psychology: What Drives You To Be Successful?

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I want to share a little secret about those who are successful. About the athletes who are at the very top of their game. And how you can apply that to tournament fishing.

Hey, guys. This is Brandon Gray, helping you win between the cast. I've got a question for you. In particular, if you're a college angler or a high school angler, I've got a question for you. What drives you? Where do you get your passion from? What makes you wanna get out of bed early in the morning when it's cold outside? What makes you wanna stay out on the water when it's hot and everyone else has given in? What drives you?

I wanna share with you the secret. I wanna share with you a little secret about those who are successful. About the athletes who are at the very top of their game. About the business people who can perform year in and year out. Do you know what drives them? They're driven from the inside out. 

You see, most of us got this all wrong. Most of us believe that things outside of me control what goes on inside of me, but that's backwards. We can't be driven from the outside in. Rather, we need to be driven from the inside out. So my question to you is what drives you? You gotta have some heart. You gotta have something in you that keeps you from giving up no matter the circumstance. What drives you? 

You see, a few years ago in the state that I live in, in the State of Alabama, five F5 tornadoes ripped through our state. People were without power for weeks. As you would drive around, you would see one house with power, another house without it, two or three with it. It's kind of confusing. Why do some houses have power and others don't? Well, the answer was simple. The ones with power had a generator, and a generator delivers power from within. What's your generator? What drives you? We call it your 68. 

Let me explain why we call it a 68. Jaromír Jágr was a hockey player. And you're wondering, what does a hockey player have to do with bass fishing? Jaromír Jágr was a hockey player, all-star NHL hockey player. In the 1998 Olympics, he's playing for his home country, the Czech Republic. Just before the Czech Republic is about to go onto the ice to face the Soviet Union, he stands before his team in the locker room, and he says this. He says, "Gentlemen, tonight we play the Soviet Union. I wear the number 68 because my grandfather lost his life in 1968 in the Russian occupation of our homeland. Tonight I play for my grandfather and everyone else who lost their life." The referee walked into the locker room, blew the whistle, and said, "Ice time." What drove Jaromír Jágr, why he wore the number 68, was because of his grandfather. Because of his country. 

What drives you? The Czech Republic went on to defeat the heavily favored Soviet Union. Not only did they defeat the Soviet Union, they won the gold medal. If you can get your power from the inside out instead of allowing everything else just going around you to impact you, you, too, will get the gold medal. 

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