How To Walk A Frog

Do you know how to walk a frog?  Not a Zara Spook, but a frog?  Well we teach you the tricks to walking a frog in this video.
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Hi, my name is Gene Jensen and I'm with And a lot of the guys on the website and also on my YouTube channel have been asking me about how to walk a frog. What I have here, is I have a SPRO Bronzeye Frog and it's in green pumpkin and I've trimmed 1 inch off of each of the legs. I haven't made one longer than the other, I like them the same.

When you're walking a frog, it's a lot like a Spook. Okay? And I'm going to try to compare the two.  With a frog, it's like a micro-version of the Spook. When you're walking a Spook your rod tip is moving about this far. When you're walking a frog it's moving about this far, okay? The rate I'm using is 60 pound Fins braid. It's my favorite. It's smooth, it's round, and I've had this on my line for almost a year and I haven't had a problem with it since I've put it on.

The trick to walking a frog, it's not really a trick, it's just a matter of practice. Cast it out and you go from a slack line to a pop. Back from a slack line to a pop, just like this. Slack, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. So it's pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Just like that and just keep going back to a slack line. If you don't go back to a slack line, all you're going to be doing is reeling it in straight and it's just going to be chugging it.

That's all it is, you just throw it out, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. I start slow and then I get a little bit faster once I get it going back and forth.

Now, with a Spook I'll show you the difference. I've got here a clear Super Spook Junior, my favorite Clark's Hill bait anyway. You make your cast out, and it's a bigger pop. It's a pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. Just like that. And it's quite a bit more of a distance with your pop with a Spook than you do with a frog because you're only jerking a frog this far. It's going pop, pop, pop, and a spook's going bloom, bloom, bloom, bloom.

And the key to frog fishing and walking a frog is practice. Take what you've learned here, take it out on the water and practice for a long time and eventually you'll get it. It's not hard, you'll be asking yourself, "Why did I think it was so hard?" once you get it down. But just practice. Use good equipment, use good line. Go out, have some fun, catching a top water. Enjoy your time on the way.

And always, visit for any of your questions for bass fishing. It's full of information. I guarantee you that your ability to go out and catch fish will increase tremendously and very quickly if you just study what's on there and get involved in the forums. Thanks, have a good day.

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