Humminbird 360 Fishfinder

ICAST 2012
Check out the new Humminbird 360 and see how it will revolutionize bass fishing!

Hello, my name is Bill Carson. I'm the Marketing Product Manager for Humminbird, and I want to tell you a little bit about the 360. The first question that everyone has is how will the 360 mount onto your boat. The 360 can either mount directly onto the back of the transom, or the 360 can mount onto a J-bracket on the side of the jack plate. You can work it manually from a button that's on top of the unit itself, or you can work it on the screen. On the screen you'll see that you'll have readouts to where you can select to deploy or retract the 360 unit at any time on the 360. And, should you forget to retract it, if you get over X miles an hour, you set the threshold, it'll automatically alarm and give you a readout on the screen reminding you to retract it.

Let's go over here and look at the 360. All right, so here we have the 360 on the unit itself. Let me tell you a little bit about which screens work with the 360. The 798 HD, the 898, the 998, and the 1198 will all work with 360 because 360 works off of an Ethernet connection. One you have the screen up, you have the ability to look at 360 degrees around the boat or any portion thereof, ten degrees all the way up. You can select or isolate that area that you do want to look at. As you can see, you can put range rings around it, you can zoom in on it. If you want to zoom in on something, you can change the contrast.

You have a complete menu here where you can retract, you can change your sensitivity, you can change your range, you can switch your color. If you like one color over another, all you do is change the color, 64 shades of whatever color you choose. If I want to isolate my sweep area, all I do is go to the isolation menu. I merely push up which narrows the area that I want to focus on, I push down which widens it. I push to the left which tilts everything to the left; I push to the right which tilts everything to the right. Once I've chosen that area, all I do is press the check button and bingo, it pulls that entire area right into view so you can watch for those fish in front of you.

As you'll remember on SI and DI, everything that you're seeing is history. It's something that's behind the boat. On 360, it's the future. It's what I'm looking at in front of me. I can see stuff that's very shallow, I can see stuff that's deep, or I can just choose to look in the water column. So 360 is going to definitely change the way that we fish today. On behalf of Johnson Outdoors and specifically Humminbird, we appreciate you watching.