Humminbird Bow 360 2013

Here's a look at the new Humminbird bow 360 introduced at ICAST 2013.
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Hey, guys. This is Jim from Hummingbird. We are at ICAST 2013. In front of me we have Bow 360, which just won Best of Show in the electronics category. Actually, second year in a row for 360 technology.


Last year we introduced 360 imaging available on the Transom. This year you can put it on your trolling motor.


Since 360 technology was introduced, Kevin VanDam wanted it in front of the boat. Well, he finally got it. This year you're going to see guys on the water who are looking up to 150 feet in every direction with 360 imaging around the boat.


The biggest difference between side imaging and 360 imaging is 360 imaging can be used at a standstill. So, you pull up to a spot and you can see underwater 150 feet in every direction around you. It's like underwater radar at a standstill and actually see real time movements of fish and bait.


So, for open water deep bass fishing this is going to be excellent. If you’re throwing A-rigs, you can see the bait off 2:00 vector and cast out that direction. If you're fishing shallow and you think maybe there are beds in the spring, but the water is turbid or it's windy and you can't actually sight fish, you can sight fish with your electronics now. So, there are really tons of applications for 360 degrees of imaging when you're fishing and those are just a couple. So, Bow 360 from Hummingbird. Check it out,

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