How To Fish In-Line Spinners

Learn how and when to use an in-line spinner to catch more bass in this short but informative video.
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This is Gene Jensen with I tell you if you're having a hard time catching fish and you know they're there because they're eating teeny, tiny little bait fish, pick out the in-line spinner. I've got this on eight pound test fluorocarbon, and I don't have a swivel in front of it because I just didn't want to take the time to get one out because they're schooling like crazy. But typically you'd put a swivel on the front. All I've got, this is just my drop shot set up. I just took out a little quarter ounce Rooster Tail, and I'm just going to have fun just laying into them.


   Biggest thing to remember about a Rooster Tail is it doesn't have a really good swivel. I mean, it's the blades just spinning on the post. So when you cast it out, you want to give it a good little pop to get that blade going and you just want to kind of reel it in real slow. Just when you start feeling the blade, you just kind of slow down. Just a different look.


   It's a great way of imitating the small bait fish and that's what these bad bass are feeding on right now and I've caught a few of them. I've got another video I just finished. I caught a few of them on a Spook and a few of them on a Fluke but they really want something small. And so far out of like ten casts, I've got two fish. So you can't beat it, especially when they're schooling.


   You don't have to cast and just wind it back in. You can do a little pop, stop the reel and go. I like to just pop my rod just like that. So you’re running along and pop and that's it. All it does is it causes the blade to flutter once and if there's a fish falling a lot of times it will cause that reaction strike.


   But I'm just going to sit here and I'm away until they start schooling up, chasing bait fish and I'm right in the middle of them. Wind caught that one. Oh, I caught one. These fish aren't big but they're a lot of fun. They're all over the place. I'm just trying to mimic a small bait fish. The rooster tail is a great thing just to keep in the box somewhere. I keep mine in my hook box. I have three or four of them in different sizes, all of them white with a silver blade. I don't have any other color. I'll throw right back at them.


   Well, if the bass are schooling on teeny, tiny little bait fish, you better have a Rooster Tail handy. Bad little bass. Well, like I always say, visit for the answer to all your questions about bass fishing. Have a great day!

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