Castaway Rods Invicta Series

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Bass pro Marty Robinson shows you the latest fishing rods from Castaway - the Invicta series!

Hey, I'm Marty Robinson. We're here at the 2014 Bass Master Classic and I'm going to tell you a little bit about this new Castaway Invicta Series fishing rod here. It's the new hype. It's what everybody's looking at. It's an eye catcher. It's the new line that Castaway has come out with and it has a lot of special features here.

It has the new golf grip which is a non-slip grip. I mean, this has a real good feel to it and this is the new 40 ton carbon fiber and it's an awesome, it's super lightweight. I mean, this rod doesn't weigh anything. I mean, that's the biggest selling point on this rod. It's probably the lightest rod that you can put in your hand and it's got the new 3/16th stainless guides, it's got a locking reel sleeve here so your reel doesn't pop off the sleeve and another thing right here if you'll notice on the seat of the rod, it's got the raw blank here so when you're holding . . . actually holding the rod in your hand, your hand is on the raw blank, so you have maximum sensitivity and maximum feel.

It's a great rod. You definitely need to pick it up. You need to go out, get you one, try it. I'm telling you, you'll love it.