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Check out this demo of the new Minn Kota iPilot Link available late 2012!

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Hi, I'm Dave Marion. I'm Product Manager with Minnkota. I'm really excited to be talking to you today about a brand new product that we're launching called the iPilot Link. With iPilot Link what we've done is we've combined the technology of our Minnkota trolling motors, our Humminbird fish finders, and our Lake Master SD cards, into one great system.

   What we can do with iPilot Link is we can still utilize all the same functions that we currently have with iPilot, so spot lock, track record, autopilot, cruise control, co-pilot. All the functions that you can do with iPilot  today, you can still do with iPilot Link, but now you can control them, either through the wireless remote, or you can control your trolling motor directly through your Humminbird fish finder. For example, if I wanted to mark a spot lock location, if I wanted to use my electronic anchor function and hold my boat in place, all I have to do is simply go into the menu on my Humminbird, mark spot lock, and you can see it's now holding my boat in place. There's an icon there that's showing me that I'm in my electronic anchor mode. I could control the same function right through my remote control, which is also telling me that I'm in spot lock mode right now.

   The same type of connectivity works with all the functions. So if I wanted to record a trolling path up to two miles long, I could do that either through my fish finder or through my remote control. If I wanted to go into autopilot mode, I can simply cursor to the bearing that I want to follow, activate autopilot, and now my boat will follow that bearing that I set with my cursor, and it will correct for wind, waves and current to keep me exactly on that bearing. I can also do that function through the remote control.

   One of the best features with this system is called Follow the Contour, and that's where we use our Lake Master mapping card. So I have to do is simply cursor over a contour. So right now I've chosen the 12 foot contour and I hit the go to button. I activate Follow the Contour and then which direction I want to follow. So I'm going to choose to follow this contour up. My boat will now go to that contour line and follow it until I take it out of Follow the Contour mode. So it keeps my boat directly on that depth contour line.

The trolling motor the whole time is steering itself. I'm hands free, so all I have to do is cast, all I have to do is fish.

   But now, if I didn't want to be directly on that contour, say, I wanted to cast to the 14 foot line contour line, I wanted to pull planer boards over that depth, I can go back into the menu and activate a feature called contour offset.  So I'm going to tell my boat that I want it to be ten feet off that contour line, and now you can see what happens. Here's my contour line, it's highlighted in black, and here's my offset that's highlighted in yellow. My boat is going to go to the yellow line and follow that exact contour shape, only ten feet offset. So now I can be casting, I can be presenting my bait to that contour, instead of keeping my boat directly on it. It's a great feature. It's an incredibly useful tool for suspended bass, for deep bass, for walleye. Anything where you need to focus on structure, on bottom structure, on depth, this is a great feature.

   We can also select the shoreline to utilize this feature. So we can highlight the shoreline and then offset our boat, say, 150 feet from the shoreline. That will follow the shoreline and we can cast to it. The trolling motor is steering itself. All I have to do is worry about fishing and having a good time.

   So that's iPilot Link. I'm really excited for this one. It's going to revolutionize fishing, and I hope everyone enjoys it. Thank you very much.

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