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Ryan: Hey guys, I'm Ryan Lamb with BassResource and I'm joined today by Jami Fralick. Jami, thanks for being with us.

Jami Fralik: I'm glad to be here.

Ryan: All right. Jami, what's your most memorable bass you ever caught?

Jami: I caught a 10.7 two years age at Choke Canyon in a tournament and that was the biggest fish I ever caught and to get to catch it in a tournament was pretty special.

Ryan: What's your most unusual bass technique?

Jami: I really don't have one. They just come when they come.

Ryan: How about just the technique? What's the strangest thing you've ever done in a tournament to catch some fish? Just kind of unorthodox.

Jami: I used a slip bobber and a little jig one time to catch some suspended fish.

Ryan: Kind of like a float and fly?

Jami: Kind of, but I used a jig and fished 15 foot deep just so I could keep it over the spawning fish.

Ryan: What is your scariest moment on the water?

Jami: I watched a boat wreck at Grand Lake at the Ozarks my first year at the Elite and when the boat crashed the motor came off. When I got out there the co-angler wasn't in the boat. I thought that something serious happened to him and I watched it all happen.

Ryan: One thing that I'll struggle with and I know a lot of other anglers struggle with is the pre-tournament jitters, the anxiousness, the nervousness. A lot of times I'll have trouble sleeping the night before. When you were going in last year at Red River, you're leading the Classic, the biggest tournament in the world, what was it like going into that last day? Did you sleep the night before?

Jami: Oh yeah. I told several people I may fish for a living, but I'm a professional sleeper. I lay down and five minutes later I'm out and I don't wake up until the alarm goes off, so I didn't have a problem sleeping. Like right now waiting for the Classic, I'm just ready to go fishing and all I can control is the bites I get.

Ryan: Is there anything in particular, equipment preparation, anything that helps you calm down or just that attitude of you just want to go fishing?

Jami: I just play with my fishing rods. I might re-tie them 3 or 4 times just for something to do and just to make sure everything is perfect.

Ryan: If you could fish with anyone from the past or present who would it be and why?

Jami: There's so many of them now. I'd like to ride with Kevin VanDam one day. There's several people I'd like to ride with. Rick Clunn, just all the knowledge he has. I really couldn't pick one.

Ryan: Is there a celebrity, maybe a political figure, anyone?

Jami: The chicken farmer that won the, it wasn't American Idol, it was America's Got Talent.

Ryan: Okay. The chicken farmer.

Jami: That's what he was called. He won and he was called the chicken farmer. His story was so inspirational to me how he had nothing but a dream. He had no money, but he had a dream that he wanted to be singer and that's pretty special that only in America stuff like that happens.

Ryan: Besides fishing, what is your favorite sport?

Jami: I like to watch baseball. I've never played baseball, but I like to watch baseball.

Ryan: You got a favorite team?

Jami: Red Sox.

Ryan: Me too man, from Rhode Island. What do you like to do in your spare time, hobbies, anything like that?

Jami: No, not really. I throw darts part of the time depending on who I'm around what I do. When I'm around my family I play darts, when I'm around my wife's family we hang out and watch movies, stuff like that.

Ryan: What about your dream vacation, where's it going to be at?

Jami: I don't know. I've never traveled overseas or anything, so I might like to go someplace other than North America.

Ryan: And what's one thing that the fans out there do not know about you?

Jami: I don't have anything that they don't know.

Ryan: Pretty open guy.

Jami: Yes.

Ryan: Lastly, what is your favorite ice cream?

Jami: Butter brickle.

Ryan: Butter brickle. Can you describe that because I have no idea what that is.

Jami: It's like little butterscotch chips in there, kind of like a Skor bar broke up in there.

Ryan: All right. That's it Jami. I appreciate you being with us and good luck in the Classic.

Jami: Thanks again.

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