KVD Splash 2013

Kevin VanDam shows you the new KVD Splash baits introduced at ICAST 2013!

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Hey, Kevin VanDam here again with you at the Strike King booth. We're at ICAST and  got the brand new KVD Splash that I want to show you. Now, first and foremost, you can see we got two different baits here. We've got two sizes. The smaller version, it's a fantastic finesse popper. What I really like about this bait is the sound that it makes. When you're walking it on the top, when you're chugging it, it's got a real high-pitched, almost blooping sound. It spits, it chugs, but it really walks back and forth with not much effort.


Another thing that I really like about it, it's got a good little rattle in it, and it's very buoyant. So, even if you've got a little chop you can keep it, you can work it real fast with real short intervals and it stays up on top. It won't go down underneath the water and kill that action, so it's a tremendous fish catcher when you want a finesse popper.


If you want a bigger profile and you need something that makes a little more noise, that's why we have the bigger size. This one has a louder rattle in it, same type of action when you pop it along, good side to side action, makes that blooping sound, just a much louder bloop, and a tremendous fish catcher. If it's a little rougher, little choppier, you want a bigger profile bait, the fish are feeding on bigger bait fish, that's where you want to go the larger size.


The new KVD Splash: Magnum and Junior.

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