LakeMaster AutoChart 2013

ICAST 2013
See the new LakeMaster AutoChart introduced at the ICAST 2013 show!

Hello, everyone. My name is Bill Carson. I'm the Marketing Product Manager with Hummingbird. And I want to tell you a little bit about this new product that we have from Lakemaster that's coming out in the fall of this year.

The product is called Autochart. And what Autochart is going to give the angler the ability to do is to go in and get more detail for, say, Lakemaster charts that they're already running on their particular lake or to go to lakes that they haven't charted yet and get detail. And it's incredibly easy to use. Once you get the product all you do is put the product onto your computer so that you have the ability to manage your charts. And in that, you're going to get a SD card that you can put in your unit. And, basically, all you're going to do is you're going to pop that card into your unit.

Once you've got the card in the unit you're going to hit Menu and you're going to go Start Recording. And you're going to run around in the area that you want to have incredible detail with. And you're going to record your sonar. Once you've done that you're going to pop that out. You're going to pop it into your computer. And you're going to have something pop up on here where you've just done your survey. Like this little green dot that you see right here.

All I have to do is go and click on that. And it's going to pull all that data in. And you can see all the tracks that I've ran as I was recording my sonar. Every place you see a little dot there's a data point with three elements: lat, long, and depth.

As soon as I have that on there all I have to do is come up here to the top and click on this little icon right here. And it's processing that data right now to create me a chart with 1-foot contours for that particular area. And that chart, once I put it into my unit, I have all the same capabilities that I had with Lakemaster or have with Lakemaster now. I can do shading. I can do shallow water offset. I can do shallow water safety contours. I can do contour highlights so that it can put me right on to the fish.

And while it's on here and you can see the incredible chart that I just built from what was earlier surveyed on the lake in California. I can see all the undulation on this. But it gets way better because on the computer screen I can come up here and look at the composition of the bottom. I can just click on this one right here.

All of a sudden, all the composition of the bottom pops up. And I can go over here and change my transparency. Whoops. I can change my transparency and take it down so I can still see my contour lines. And now I can identify those areas that would have the highest propensity to hold fish, like this area right here where it transitions from one type of bottom to another type bottom. And I can literally put a way point over there so that when I get out on the lake I know exactly where I want to start fishing because it's an incredible opportunity for me.

I also have the opportunity to overlay Google data. There are lots of other things you can do if you want to. But, this is going to give you the basics of this product and show you how easy it is to use and the value that it's going to have to you as an angler.

Brought to you only from Johnson Outdoors and our Lakemaster Group and working only on the Hummingbird units.

On behalf on Hummingbird, I appreciate the opportunity to show you this product. Tight lines.