How To Store Your Line

Pro Aaron Martens reveals his secrets for storing line that may make it last indefinitely!

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Yeah, that's another good question I've had over the years. I get quite a bit of that because guys want to keep their line. Keeping your fluorocarbon, you know, I've heard guys putting in the refrigerator. I think if you just - I put mine in, like, a Snap Ware container. You know, like, it's like a - it seals pretty good.


And then I put plastic around that, like a cellophane plastic, which I get from Japan, and they send it with the line. I use the same stuff, like a cellophane. They have like a foam padding they send it. They wrap it really good. When I get my line it's, like, all sealed up in cellophane. Then it's got, like, Styrofoam sheets all wrapped around. And they keep it really snug.


But I did the same thing with my extra line and the boat and in a camper right. I always put, like, a piece of foam over top of it and then kind of seal it. But the biggest thing about it is keeping the air out as much as you can and keeping it cool. Like, keeping it like your wine cellar, if you have one. I don't know how many of you guys drink that much wine but...


Just keep it, like, in a dark, cool, like, one of your coolest places in the house. A closet. Dark. Keep it out of the sun. Keep it out of all light. And that's why I wrap mine with cellophane. It's my fishing room downstairs and there's like one window. But I cover the window up and have a dehumidifier because I live in Birmingham and it's humid. But, yeah, it'll keep the humidity down and just try to keep it, like, sealed off from everything. I think it'll keep forever.


I got line that - 10 years old and I check it, you know, when I have time, when I organize my stuff I have line from, like, my original spools. And they're still like - I pull a bunch of it off and it's not kinked or anything. It's still good, doesn't break.


But as long as you keep it cool, I don't think it has a shelf - it'll probably last years. Outlast your boats and stuff.

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