Livingston Lures Howeller Crankbait - ICAST 2014

See the new Livingston Lures Howeller Crankbait introduced at ICAST 2014.

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Hi folks, BassMaster Classic champion Randy Howell here at 2014 ICAST in Orlando at the Livingston Lures Booth, on site here, getting all the latest scoop, getting it to you early so you know what you need to buy to catch more fish. At the Livingston Booth, I'm showing all the guys about the new Howeller bait.

   This is the bait I won the BassMaster Classic on. You've probably seen it everywhere lately, because it made a lot of news on ESPN with the BassMaster Classic stuff. You saw it forever, man. It's been a life-changing event. This is the bait we designed to help me do that.

   This particular bait is about a seven- to nine-foot deep-running bait. It can be used on shallow line, light line, heavy line. It's a very versatile bait. These new Livingston Team Series baits have multi-touch systems in their chips. They've got four different sounds all in one bait, or three sounds and one silent mode. Very easy to dip it in the water. Hold the front and the back on the front line-tie and the hook-hanger and listen to it and you'll hear it cycle through each sound and the silent sound. Read on more about it and you can find out all the details.

   This is the Howeller DMC. This is the DMC, the regular, right here, the DMC Classic. Then this is the Howeller Plus Size, the Howeller Plus Size. This particular Plus-Size is the same bait It's just got a little bit bigger lip. It's a 66 millimeter longer bait than the original Howeller. Looks about the same as this. You can't tell much difference in the look of it, but the action of it is a much wider wobble on the Plus-Size, and a tighter wobble on the regular size. That's the two differences in the Howeller.

   Then the last Howeller here that we've got to show you is my square-bill. I like square-bill baits. I fish square-bill and shallow-crank baits probably more than anything else. This is the Howeller Square. It's got a circuit-board lip, with a wide tip on it so it deflects off cover really well. It's a heavy square-bill. That's another big deal that I like. Most square-bill baits are so light that you can't cast them accurately like you need to. But with our Howeller square-bill, it's heavy. The heaviness comes from the weight of the one-knocker rattle in the throat and also, the battery in the sound board inside. The Howeller square-bill is an awesome square-bill.

   All of the Team Livingston baits and the Howeller baits now come with the Daiichi hooks straight from the factory, so everything in the bait is ready to fish with in tournament mode. You don't have to change anything on it. Get you some Howellers, get you some Team Livingston baits. Hope you get out there and catch a lot of big bass like we're going to do with them. So good luck and God bless you. I'm Randy Howell.

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