New Lucky Craft Lures 2013

Takahiro Omori shows you the latest lures coming from Lucky Craft in 2013!

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All right. Hi everyone. I'm Takahiro Omori at 2013 ICAST, and I'm in the Lucky Craft booth. I have some new stuff to talk about.


As you can see, this is my new signature series deep diving crankbait. We have three new colors that came out. One is like a brown ear. This is red eye, and one more right here.


This bait is designed to go about 20 feet on a 10 pound test line. And those three new colors I like to fish this one on a hot summer day. This is shad all the way around, good for deep diving color. This, especially if you have a lake with tilapia this is a good color. I have the same color of my square bill right now also.


If you see this one, you've got to try it. Hope you enjoy it.

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