Lunkerville and Mike D.

Mike D. from Lunkerville takes you to a behind-the-scenes look at ICAST 2013!
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Mike:   Is it on?


Male:   Yeah, now we’re rolling.


Mike:   Is that Mike D., here from Lunkerville. I spot Glenn walking down the aisle. We’re here at ICAST 2013. We were here last year and started a relationship with South Bend; that company that makes the affordable fishing tackle that you see at Walmart, Kmart, and all those places; the stuff that you guys usually don’t use. It’s okay. We know it’s inexpensive, quality tackle. Look at me now. Look at that. I can’t . . . Wait. Did you see the other side? I can’t jump that high, but it’s really big. Look at the other side. Come over here. Yeah, baby. That’s cool.


There’s a story here. We didn’t see you at the press conference; you didn’t get the press release, Glenn? Come on.


Glenn: I did.


Mike:   You did, but you went to the other one across the way with all the food, right?


Glenn: I was actually at a meeting.


Mike:   This is the thing; we had a press conference to announce the new South Bend’s Lunkerville. The name of the show is changing. South Bend’s making a major commitment to Lunkerville, multi-year title sponsor. We’re promoting a more multi-species fishing starting this season. Half of the shows will be bass, half will be saltwater, multi-species; pan fish, salmon, trout. We’re going to be traveling everywhere, attending a lot of fishing shows; ICAST every year, and promoting the lifestyle of fishing. We’re not promoting a product. I’m not going to be saying, “These are the best sinkers in the business.” No, I’m not going to be saying, “That’s the best lure. That’s the best rod and reel,” because they’re not, and you know it.


What we’re doing is we’re trying to introduce people to fishing, not only kids but adults. People used to fish when they were kids and might turn on the Lunkerville, watch it and be like, “Wait a second. That looks like me. I can be on the show. That looks like my kids. I want to rent a cabin for the weekend and go fishing, but I have no fishing gear.” You go down to Kmart, Walmart, or somewhere that sells this affordable fishing equipment, and you pick up 4 or 5 combos for $100 and go fishing. That’s what we’re doing; we’re promoting the lifestyle of fishing, the emotion of fishing, the importance of fishing. While everyone here is promoting a product, we’re trying to get more people into the sport and promote the idea that fishing can be fun, easy, accessible, and affordable. That’s my commercial, because this is what I’m promoting; this is the product, South Bend’s Lunkerville.


Check this out; South Bend has a pretty big spread here. It’s not only 20-foot me on two sides, but they have one of the biggest displays here at ICAST. All the South Bend products here; the rods, the reels, the terminal tackle, the lures, a lot of you might not know that South Bend also owns Celsius, over here; that’s your ice fishing equipment, Hurricane rods. These are terrific rods. They also have this Red Bone line. These are what I love; the Ready2Fish, what I was talking to you about, where you go to the department store and buy these for $20 or $25 and it comes all spooled up with line, it comes with a little tackle kit, the rod, everything you need to fish.


What else to they . . . Matzuo, get over here. You all know Matzuo, but you didn’t know that South Bend owns them. They’re great lures. Here’s there booth. They also have Shoreline over here, check that out; Shorline all your boat accessories. South Bend has a pretty big presence here at ICAST. We’re pretty happy to be here and happy to see Glenn from BassResource giving us some time. Yes, we’re fishing with you Glenn. I know I keep saying we’re fishing with Glenn; Glenn says, “I’m going to Lunkerville,” and then I keep disappointing him. There are certain factors here, certain things that happen. I promise we are fishing with Glenn on . . . where are we going, the Pot Holes?


Glenn: Pot Holes.


Mike:   Now it’s on tape, I have to go. That’s it, end of story. Let’s go to Lunkerville. No, wait; let’s go to South Bend’s Lunkerville.

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