Soft Plastic Lure Painting Instruction by LureWorks Kits - ICAST 2014

Learn how to paint custom hand poured lures in this instructional video!

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Today we are going to paint up a baby bass. We've got some of the clear coat here. It’s a water based soft plastic paint. I have got some black in my pallet here. I’m going to put just enough on this brush so I can make some little hash marks from the bass here. 


   The baby bass really vary. They have all kinds of black patterns on them. So, I just kind of make some random stuff here. It’s hard to find any two bass that look just alike so.


   This paint is really easy to work with. It doesn’t have any odor to it, so you don't have to worry about painting outside.  You can paint in the house.


   Okay. We have got some black marks here. That ought to work okay. I am going to use an airbrush next to put a green back on this. I have an airbrush set up here. I am just going to start putting a light coat of green on it. [pause] I’m just layer it on there really thin to start with. [pause] The green is transparent so it just kind of still shows the black we just painted below it. [pause] I try to feather down the sides and I kind of put a dark line down the back of it. That gives us a nice little look there.


   The next thing I am going to do is add some eyes to it. We have got some little soft plastic eyes here. Since that paint is still wet, we can just use it as the glue to attach these eyes. These eyes are soft PVC eyes. They are flexible. We just stick them in that slot there.


   I am going to speed up the drying of this so we can dip this bait in the hot plastic. So I am going to use a regular blow dryer. [pause] Okay.  I am going to take a hook. I got to have something to attach this with so I can dip it in the plastic. So we will just use the hook. You might let this dry a little bit longer but it is still dry enough to dip in this plastic. This is a product we call Clearasol and it's a plastisol especially made to put a coating on this outside. I am going to just dip it in here. You see how it looks now. It is shiny but it doesn't really have a really 3D look.


   Once we dip it in here, we pull this out and it gives it a really nice 3D effect. Okay. This will be cooled down in just a few minutes here. It is almost dry to the touch now. If you look at the nice depth you get there.


   Once it is cooled down, we will snip this little end off of it. I have got some other baits here we have already painted. This is a Fire Tiger. This is one we just painted and this is the same bait we painted and added the clear coat to it so you can see the really 3D effect it gives it. It makes a big difference. They are ready to fish.

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