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Hi, my name is Ted Thibault and I am here with Tuf-Line and I am here at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Florida. We brought along a little toy with us. It is actually not a toy, it is a braiding machine. For those of you who have never seen this happen and seen how braided line is actually made it is pretty fascinating.

   What you are seeing here and what we typically do is we have these, it is called a bobbin and this bobbin, I am going to turn this off for a second. We load this bobbin with raw Spectra fiber like you see here. It is then fitted onto the machine. This happens to be a 16 carrier machine that we are working with today, making a two hundred fifty pound test line.

   When I turn the machine on what you are going to see are some of the bobbins going clockwise, the others  going counter clockwise and they are also crossing each other like this as they go. So when I turn the machine on as you see, the pink bobbins are going counter clockwise, the yellow ones are going clockwise and that is what actually forms the braid.

   On average, it takes ten days to make one, three thousand yard spool. So, ten days to make that line. So, it is pretty amazing. It kind of gives you a better appreciation for the cost that is involved and what is really involved with making a braided fishing line.

   So, the next time that you are out looking for a fishing line keep Tuf-Line in mind.

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