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We tried to interview Mark Zona at the 2011 Bassmaster Classic, but ended up with this! Note the handy camera work by Kelly Jordon, who was behind the scenes.
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Glenn: Hi I'm Glenn May with and I'm here with Mark Zona.  Mark, how you doing today?

Mark Zona: Well Glenn, I'm good.  I feel at number one I need to apologize for my behavior last year at media day.  I kind of knew you and I were on the same fish last year, and that's one of the things about trying to win the Bassmaster Classic is getting around the right group of fish.  And when I pulled in there the first day of the tournament last year, and you were there, I realized we were sharing those fish last year.

Glenn: Yeah we were.

Mark: Yeah, exactly.  Do I feel in the last 11 months and 29 days that you've haunted me Glenn?  Yeah, yeah I do.  I am on another group of fish this year, I'm making the run.  I got two gas stops here, but I feel once again I'm on the fish to win this thing, I really do.

Glenn: But your saying that I was able to get in your head?

Mark: A little bit last year.  This year I'm just trying to outrun everybody.

Glenn: Well I'm gunning for you.

Mark: I'm actually running to another event, is what I'm doing in this tournament.  Hey, all joking aside, all joking aside.  You all have done a great job this year.  I do follow a bunch.  I think I actually try to sign in but I suck on the internet.

Glenn: Well, we banned you.

Mark: Shocker.  You and whatever other website here.  You guys do a great job and what's interesting is, every classic that I come to, I still pinch myself being able to do this. You know just sitting down with Gary Kline, and Dean Rojas, and guys that I watched growing up in Chicago when I was 11 years old.  As much as the McKinnis Group let's me misbehave, this is a very important week and I take it very, very serious.  And this week is going to be a monster.  This place is incredibly hard to cover. Hopefully, we'll stick the landings here.

Glenn: Well I got to say, I envy you a lot, because you’re able to go . . .

Mark: Me too.

Glenn: . . . out and do this . . .

Mark: You just told me a lot about yourself.

Glenn: Well, you do this about every year.  I mean you get to go out with Anglers and interview them and follow them on the whole series.  And that to me just sounds like a whole heck of a lot of fun.  Get to go out and fish with them and what not.

Mark: They don't really like me though.   That's one of the problems.

Glenn: I wasn't going to say what they've said about you.

Mark: Exactly.  You know what's interesting is through the years, and I take a lot of pride in this.  I've done this, I'm getting older, I'm starting to get little grey hairs in my beard, that they took me into their world, and they let me in their boats, and they let me take tackle, and do things, you know, to bring back to the studio. 

As I sit here and I see Kelly Jordan, guys like that man, it's awesome.  And to be able to in some way, shape, or form be able to bring that to people that aren't at this tournament, or their just watching on TV, hopefully every now and then I can stick the landing.  Sanders is the wheels on the bus man. Come on.  He drives the bus, I just try to take it off the road.

Glenn: Well your doing a great job, and you've been a great ambassador to the sports.  I just want to thank you on behalf of everybody out there that, you know, thanks for doing everything that you do out there.

Mark: Well I've been telling people the same things but nobody believes me.  Thank you Glenn, keep up the good work.

Glenn: Thanks.

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