New Megabass Lures for 2013

Aaron Martens shows you the latest lures from Megabass!

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Hi, Aaron Martens here at ICAST 2013 Las Vegas. I've got a bunch of Megabass lures here. I'm going to show you some of the new stuff real quick, a couple of minutes, make it short and sweet.


110 Original Square Bill, real similar action. The reason we came out with this, bearing transferring it, is to have a 110 that runs really shallow. This bait runs three feet or less, so you can actually cast out a long cast and see the jerk bait come all the way back to you. 110 Square Bill, a really cool bait. Shallow over grass, fish are up on top bustin, you want that square bill.


A new favorite of mine, my one most loved Megabass lure is this one. This is a 110 Junior. It's about two-thirds the size of the original, quite a bit smaller. It casts like a 110. It casts almost exactly like a 110. So if you're worried about being able to throw it out a spinning or a bait caster, no problem. One hundred feet plus casts are pretty easy on this bait, 8 to 10 pound line, and it works really well with 6 to 7 pound, 8 pound line. Awesome bait. Dives about four or five feet of water. Lots of colors. My new favorite.


This is an oldie that's been around a while, the Cyclone. I just want to show it. A lot of people haven't really seen or heard of it. We've got a new color in here that's my favorite. This bait runs about in seven, eight feet of water on ten-pound fluoro. It's my favorite finesse crankbait that Megabass makes, just because it performs really well. I've caught a lot of fish on it in a lot of different places. That's why I like it so much. It's a good working crankbait, very natural, a lot of new colors and really good colors. A good crankbait.


We also have a Cyclone Shallow Runner. It's kind of a bank beater. Dives about three feet of water, swims really natural. It doesn't have a real steep dive to it. It's more of a flat dive, so it's a really good natural looking bait in the water. I've caught a lot of fish on it. Again, a Shallow Runner.


Real quick, we have a Shadi Nex, which kind of looks like a jerk bait a little bit, and again, a lot of good colors. It's called a Shadi Nex, two sizes. This is the larger size, actually a crankbait, a really good finesse crankbait, really tight wiggle. It would be really good December, January, February, March, depending where you're at in the country, but it's a really good cold water crankbait. Also it will catch them in deep water. It's just got a really tight wiggle.


Real quick now, we're almost done. New Orochi series by Megabass. The reason they came out with these rods is, this is the spinning rod, the price break is a lot less than the Destroyers. This rod is going to run you between $260 and $300 compared to $500 to $800 on the Destroyer. The same Megabass quality. I've pretty much been using these all year. Actually if you noticed, I've been on TV quite a few times. I keep making the cut lately. I don't know why. I'm on a roll right now.


Almost all the rods on the deck of my boat are the Orochi XX Series. It's not because they're telling me to throw them. It's not because that's all they're sending me. It's because I like them that much. I still use a lot of Destroyers, but these rods are tough, really awesome, very strong, stout rods. The rubber butt on the back, rubber cork, shorter handle lengths. The reel locker also swivels, so it makes kind of all in one. There are no rough spots to rough your fingers up. Bait holder, also micro guides on too. It's just a really good high-end rod for the price. You're not going to beat it.


This is actually probably the most important thing that you're going to buy if you're a bass fisherman is your rods. It's going to be rod, line, and reels are the most important part, especially rods.


So if you're wanting to get into some really high end rods, definitely check out the Orochi XX. They're awesome. That's it.

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