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Megastrike's Bobby Uhrig shows you a brand new bait debuting at ICAST 2013 - the Flick Stick!
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Hey, how you doing? I'm Bobby Uhrig. You know us from BassResource. The company name is MegaStrike, and you know that we always have a good time. We talk a lot on BassResource, and we have a lot of fun with the guys. But one of the things that we really are serious about is our bass fishing. We are bass fisherman, just like you, and we are here at ICAST, the largest show in the world for fishing tackle. Anything fishing, you can find in this building.


We are MegaStrike, and I want to show you some of our new products for this year. We all know that the soft plastic stick bait has taken the fishing industry by storm. It's the hottest one out there. Everybody's got one now. Let me show you something that's really neat, and it's called the Flick Shake.


The Flick Shake was a technique that was brought over from Japan. What it was, is when they were wacky rigging soft plastic stick baits, they put a little split shot on the bottom. They put a little weight on the bottom of that worm, on that little hook, and it was right about here on one of those little circle type hooks. What it did is it allowed them to add weight to a soft plastic stick bait.


So one of the things that we have found with these soft plastic stick bates, one or two fish and they're ripped apart. The most productive way to catch bass, I believe, and a lot of other anglers believe, with a soft plastic stick bait is wacky rigging it. What you do is you take a number 1 circle hook, and you could put it right through the center of the egg sac here, and what it will do is it'll give it an action like this, like a dying bait fish. You pull it a couple times, and you let it fall. That acts like a dying bait fish, and it triggers a reaction strike from the fish. It's very subtle. It doesn't give a lot of . . . it's not obnoxious. The fish just come up, and they slurp them up. A lot of you guys, we already know, are using these soft plastic stick baits.


So what I did, was I wanted to make the soft plastic stick bait a lot better. Okay. So when we talk about wacky rigging the stick bait, what you do is you take a hook, a bait holder hook, and you put it right through the middle like that, and what that will do is when you pull it, it will give you that action with a real nice fall, like that. When you add a weight to it, okay, it will actually make it fall. It's called the flick shake technique, and it will make it fall faster and a little bit more of a obnoxious, a little quicker fall to it. That will trigger strikes. It will get more of a reaction strike from it.


So what I wanted to do, is we're the only person in the whole world with this mold. We have watched bass, while we're filming, grab the bait when they're wacky rigging it, grab it by the end. They swim off with it, and you see your line moving, you feel the strike, and what you do is you set the hook on it, and what's happening is actually it's ripping the bait right out of its mouth. When we wacky rig it, we put the hook right through the center here, and what happens there is we want a focal point. So what we did was we injected color into the center port here of the egg sac, and we can color this egg sac any color we want. We want a focal point so that the bass are attacking the bait right where the hook is. So these two colors have to be the same in the mold. The green pumpkin, the watermelon, etc. We can make a black type stick bait here. We can color the center like a hot pink, a blue, a red, a chartreuse, any color. We want to break up that bait so that it's a focal point, so they have an area to attack, and that is a real neat deal right there. Instead of them swimming away with that bait off to the side, they're going to grab it, and they're going to have the hook in their mouth, which is the most important part, more of a positive hook set.


Also, what we're going to do with this, and it's pretty neat, is we are making the center more durable, a harder plastic. So what that does is that bait is not going to rip. You're going to get more fish per bait, not like the other ones that go out there and they rip after one or two fish. It's going to be more durable by making it harder in the middle there. This is going to be more stable, which is going to transmit energy to the ends, and that is going to give it more of a wobble and an action on the ends. It's going to transmit that energy.


We're also weighting the center. So you don't have to use that flick shake anymore, that actual flick shake hook. It's going to be prebuilt all into the egg sac right here. So it's going to fall this way automatically. It's going to have more weight. It's going to be more dense. So it's going to be weighted in the middle, and the outsides are going to have less weight. So what it's going to do, it's going to give you that U-shaped fall, and this is a real neat deal.


So what we did was we packaged them in clam shells, so we can keep them nice and straight. We call it the Flick Stick. Great name for a great product.


All right, I'm Bobby Uhrig at ICAST. Take care. I want you guys to give us a shot at You can find us always on BassResource. You're number 1 resource for bass fishing knowledge. Have a great day. Take care.

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