Megastrike Magnum Spinnerbait

ICAST 2013
Introducing the Magnum Spinnerbait from Megastrike, debuted at ICAST 2013!

Hey, how you doing? I’m Bobby Urich; you know us from BassResource. Company name in Megastrike, and you know that we always have a good time and we talk a lot on BassResource, and we have a lot of fun with the guys. One of the things that we really are serious about is our bass fishing. We’re bass fishermen just like you. We are here at ICAST; the largest show in the world for fishing tackle. Anything fishing, you can find in this building. We are Megastrike. I want to show you some of our new products for this year. There’s a lot of guys fishing for giant bass right now down in Lake Falcon, Amasta, California, Okeechobee, all the southern lakes.

The spinnerbaits, like I said, they’re usually 3/8-ounce, ½-ounce, ¾-ounce. What we did was come out with the Megastrike Magnum Spinner Bait. This strikeback spinnerbait, this is a real machine here, let me tell you. This 1 ½ and 2 ounces; put it on braid, throw it on a 7 or 7 ½-foot flipping stick, heavy action. We have the twist tie right up here so that the line won’t slide up. It’s going to hold on to that braid real well.

We’ve got Number 6 and Number 7 High Flash blades here; best money can buy. The greatest part again is with that Strikeback spinnerbait, we are the first to incorporate a joint into that spinner bait. When we watch bass attack baits, filming them underwater, what happens is the angler is pulling the bait this way. Bass are predatory fish; they attack baits from side angles, about 10% from behind, 90% from the sides. What happens there is when the angler’s pulling the bait this way and the bass comes to inhale it, the bass inhale, sucking the bait sideways. It actually moves that bait sideways. Through hydrodynamics, the bait wants to stay straight. What happens is the bass and the bait actually get pulled apart; it’ll pull the bait away from the bass.

What happens is now with the Strikeback spinner bait, it only takes half the energy to suck the hook section into the bass’ mouth. The angler’s still is pulling the bait and doesn’t even know he’s got a strike yet; pulls the bait this way. It sets the hook automatically into the fish’s mouth.

The Number 1 reason we lose bass on solid-body spinnerbaits is when the bass flails around and that bait with all that weight on the head and on the blades flails around and he spits the hook. That bass can sit there and shake that bait all he wants; with that jointed head, it alleviates the pressure of that bait flailing around like that.

The result is when the bass sucks in that hook, less energy to suck that hook in, more hookups, better hookup ratio. The other is with the bait flailing around like that, alleviating that leverage set he has; less lost fish. This bait right here is a win/win situation. This is the Magnum Spinnerbait by Megastrike, and it’s one of the original Strikebacks that we have out for this year.

I’m Bobby Urich, at ICAST. Take care. I want you guys to give us a shot at You can find us always on BassResource, your Number 1 venue for your bass fishing . . . blew it. Number 1 resource for bass fishing knowledge. Have a great day. Take care.