Megastrike Roland Martin Spinnerbait - ICAST 2014

See the new Megastrike Roland Martin Spinnerbait introduced at ICAST 2014.

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Hey, how are you doing? I'm Bobby Urich from MegaStrike Fishing Products. You know us at BassResource, Bobby at MegaStrike. What I want to tell you is we're here at ICAST, the biggest show in the world for all the modern fishing technology and fishing products in the fishing industry and the marine industry.

   So what we have today is I want to show you something really neat. Twenty years ago they stopped making the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait. Roland, the most famous fisherman in the world designed a spinnerbait years ago and it was designed to catch five, six, seven, eight pounders down at Lake Okeechobee. The problem that they had years ago and still today is when they used the light wire spinnerbaits. If you catch a five, six, seven pounder, what happens is they just destroy that spinnerbait. It gets bent or it gets broken.

   So what we did was after 20 years we redesigned the technology of the MegaStrike StrikeBack Spinnerbait with the articulating head with the concept of the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait which is extra large swivels and a super heavy duty wire. This is not a light flimsy wire whatsoever. This bait is designed to catch big fish and what we're catching with them, big bass, we're catching snook, we're catching 35 pound red fish and stripers on this bait, and that bait is really designed to hold up, super strong, highest quality components that you could buy. All of our products are made right here in the USA, so you know that the quality is there and our name is on it, and that's MegaStrike.

   So let me tell you how the Big Bass Spinnerbait is designed. The average angler throws out the bait, spinnerbait, throws it out there, reels it in. Bass are predatory fish and they strike mostly from side angles about 90% of the time. And we videoed this. You can see it on our website. About 10% of the time they grab the baits from behind.

   Okay. So what happens from there is the angler is reeling in the bait. Equal water pressure comes down both sides of the bait keeping it nice and straight, simple hydro dynamics. When a bass comes to inhale a bait it strikes and creates a vacuum. And if you watch it in slow motion, when they inhale it turns the bait totally sideways causing drag and resistance. What happens from there is it'll actually straighten out and pull the spinnerbait or the bait away from the bass. And what they do is they short strike it if they're not real aggressive or the water is real dirty and muddy. The perception is off.

   With the StrikeBack spinnerbait they come from the side angles. It only takes half the energy to suck the hook into the fish's mouth. The angler is still pulling the bait this way coming towards him. When it straightens it out it'll actually set the hook by itself. Now the angler feels the strike. He sets the hook on them. And what happens from there is the fight is on. What happens is the number one reason we lose bass on solid body spinnerbaits is when the bass jump and flail around. They have all that leverage from the weight of the blades, and the wire, and the head to lose that fish, to spit that bait.

   So what happens with our spinnerbait is, that fish can shake his head all he wants. It's free flowing, 180 degree articulating head, so he can shake and as long as you have tension on that bait, where are my blades? Straight down. Wires are straight and stationary, and the head is stationary, less lost fish. So the hook up ratio increases, the amount of fish that you lose decreases.

   Go out there and try the Roland Martin Big Bass Spinnerbait available at Tackle Warehouse. You'll be glad you did. Have a great day on the water.

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