Mesu Bait Company 2013

Brent Chapman shows you the new baits coming from the Mesu Bait Company, including the new Raptor Jig!
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Hi, folks. 2012 Bassmaster Angler of the year Brent Chapman, here. We’re at ICAST 2013, as you can see, always an exciting place to be at. There’s a lot of great things out there to see and new things and all that.


One of the new things, I’m here at the MESU Bait Company booth. One of the new things they’ve got out is the new Raptor Jig. It’s a cross between a wobble head, a Texas rig, and a jig, so it’s a really unique bait. You can use it a lot of different ways. You can see it’s got a little bit of a pointed head here, little skirt on it. It’s got a TROKAR hook, of course, on it. This is the TK120 and it’s a great hook. Let’s say you want to use a smaller TROKAR hook, a bigger hook, or a different style of TROKAR, you can actually change it out. This is really good, it’ll stay. You keep your hook on there, but you can change hooks for different size trailers. You can use a different variety of trailers from dragging this thing on the bottom to working it really fast like a swim jig. Of course, when you rig a bait on it, it becomes weedless. Really, a unique concept right there, to making that weedless. Check out the wobble head, it’s a really unique bait and it’s going to catch a lot of fish, I promise you.


Another bait that I’m so excited about, it’s taken a year for us to get there, but it’s the new MESU Bait Company Brent Chapman Wobble Spoon. You guys might remember, last June, I won my first Bassmaster Elite Series on a flutter spoon. Since then, I’ve teamed up with the MESU Bait Company and we’ve designed a line of flutter spoons that I really wanted to have, what I felt like could fill that niche. You can see we’ve got 4 different colors in the spoon. These are the colors that should cover the spectrum when it comes to fishing a flutter spoon.


Some of the features on this flutter spoon that make it unique is the paint job we have on these, durable as can be, it’s not going to come off. You can see that’s a very realistic-looking paint job on there. We’ve got the chrome, of course. We’ve got a white one and also a gold one. For the different water colors, the different conditions during the day, those spoons will cover that.


Another unique thing we’ve done on this spoon, this is how I rig them in a tournament; we’ve added a double split ring. A lot of people lose fish on a flutter spoon. It’s because they have that single split ring on there and the fish can only turn so much. With a double split ring, you’re going to put a lot more fish in the boat. Last but not least, we’ve got a great, big Eagle Claw laser sharp hook on there. It’s a little bit oversized than what most people use, but it’s going to put more fish in the boat for you because of that big hook on there. Check out the Brent Chapman Flutter Spoons, as well.

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