The Power-Pole Micro Anchor

Chris Lane demonstrates the new Power-Pole Micro Anchor debuting in late 2013!

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Hey. Chris Lane here, at the 2013 ICAST Show in Las Vegas, in the Power-Pole booth, talking about the new Micro. This thing, 7½ pounds, holds up to 1500 pounds; Jon boats, kayaks, it doesn’t matter. It’s got 3 separate brackets; you can mount it on the front, you can just C-clamp it on the back, you can mount it on your transom. This thing unbelievable. You want to make a long run? Look at there; auto up. It all ties in with the Sea Monster control system. Take this out, set it down in the boat. You know what; you get to your fishing spot, right up here, boom, Power-Pole down; swift, silent, secure. I’m telling you, this thing is just unbelievable. It takes about 2 seconds to unbolt this. It’s like taking the seat off of your bike. Just open this up, unscrew this nut, the whole thing comes with you.


Greatest thing; if you don’t have a battery in your boat, lithium ion battery pack right here. Just clip it right on there, plug it in, boom, you’re ready to go; up to 100 propulsions up and down. Lock’s there, ready to go. This thing is just unbelievable. When it comes to really sneaking up on fish, it’s true what they say, ‘It’s so deadly, it should come with a jar of tartar sauce.’

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