Minnkota Talon 2013

Here's the new Minnkota Talon models introduced at the 2013 ICAST show.

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Hi, everybody. I'm Tim Price here. I'm at the ICAST show in Las Vegas, here at the Minn Kota booth, showing you our brand new Talon for this year. This is our 10-foot model. We also have a 10-foot and a 12-foot model.


We're bringing you some new colors too; we've got red, blue, black, silver. Real excited about this. Into the shallow water category with then 12-foot anchor, the deepest anchor in the industry right now. So, it's electric system, wireless, deploys, the spike comes down out of here, locks into the bottom. It's going to hold that boat, real rough water.


So, five year warranty on the Talon itself, lifetime on the spike, then two years on the electrical components. So, make sure you come check out the Talon. Check out our website, MinnKotaMotors.com, or check out our Facebook page and check it out.

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