New Molix Lures For 2013

The new Molix lures for 2013 are revealed in this video!
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How are you guys doing?  Christian Borucki here, at the Molix, booth Bassmaster Classic 2013.  I got some new baits I want to show to you.  We're coming out big this year.  We have the one that came out two years ago, the Supernato.  Well, this year, we're coming out with the baby.  It's about half the size.  It's for those lakes, smaller forage, smaller bass.  Catch you some more fish on the little one versus the big one. 


Another one we got coming out is our new square bill.  Square bill got a lot of design into the body.  We cupped around the eyes.  Instead of a traditional square bill, we turned the bill up slightly.  So that baits run a little more like that.  And it's deflecting off cover a lot better than your everyday square bill.  Running a little bit deeper than most square bills too.  About 5 to 6 feet for the most part. 


Next we got the one I am super excited about.  It's called the Molix flat crank.  It's got super flat body.  What they did is they cupped around the eyes, just like on our new square bill.  And super, super aerodynamic bait.  They also put a very thin bill on there.  And this bait is getting down to about 16 feet deep on 10 pound fluoro.  That's unheard of right now, for a bait of this size to go 16 feet deep.


Finally, we've got the one that's been making the most stir.  This is the bait that Mike Iaconelli helped us design, it’s called, "The lover." What it is, is a take on a chatterbait.  But instead of a chatterbait, with that hinged metal blade, we put a solid injection molded plastic lip on it.  We also did a free swinging hook.  There's about a million different ways to fish it. 


You could throw it out and swim it.  If you're fishing on the bottom, subsurface, wake it up on the top.  Guys are throwing out, Mike especially, throws it out and pops it up off the bottom.  Awesome, awesome, awesome bait.  And for this year, we've got the big boy coming out; old Lover weighed a half ounce, the new Lover is weighing in at 2 ounces, about 6 inches long.  It's got a 10/0 hook on it.  The thing is ridiculous.  This is the one that I can't wait for.  Go out, get yourself some Molix baits, catch some fish.  Thanks guys.

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