Molix Frog Bait

ICAST 2013
Mike Iaconelli shows you a brand new, versatile frog bait from Molix, introduced at ICAST 2013!

Hey, BassResource fans. Mike Iaconelli, back one more time at the Molix booth. ICAST 2013, showing some of the really cool, new products.

This is a Molix frog. It's a cutting edge frog that Molix has come out with, and talk about changing the game. Talk about being a frog that stands out. This is one that really does change the game. I want to show you this frog. I want to show you a couple of the cool features of what makes this thing special.

First thing, if you look at it, you see a frog that has these kicking type legs on it. This is such a cool movement, because it's so natural. When I get in the situation where I want a frog that's pushing forward, and actually looking like a frog, I'm going to leave these legs on. If you look at it, these legs look like real frog legs. These things just kind of kick back, this thing pushes forward, so around heavy mats, if I'm seeing a lot of frogs in the environment naturally, I'm going to leave these legs on, and that's how I'm going to fish the bait. Pushing it forwards, making the bait push.

The neat thing on this thing, now, if we turn it around and look, we've actually got a feature on this that's going to let me take these legs off. It's a little squared off hinge, and all I'm going to do is take those legs off. I could take those legs off, and now, if I get in a situation where I want to bait with a traditional skirt, all I have to do is match up the flat spots on those two baits, put that skirt on there, and now I'm going to have more of a traditional frog, that does slight walking movement, and I get that frog that has that pulsating skirt on the pause.

One last key, a little tricked out thing that I like to do, take the legs off, take the skirt off, and fish it without both. Now you have a more compact bait that's going to do a heavy walking motion, side to side walking motion. More open water, around docks, around logs. I don't want it with skirts, or legs. I want to fish it with that tight, walking motion.

ICAST 2013, at the Molix booth, talking about the Molix frog, and three ways to fish it right out of the pack. BassResource, Mike Iaconelli.