Molix Lovr Buzz - 2013

Mike Iaconelli shows you the Molix Lovr Buzz, an innovative buzzbait.
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I just want to play with it. I don't want to start this video.


Hey, folks. Mike Iaconelli, back at the Molix booth, 2013 ICAST. I got the year right that time.


I've got another bait in my hand, and you see me playing with the blade. This is the Lovr Buzz. I know you heard about it before, but this is one of the key features to this bait. If you listen to it, it's what I call pre-squeaked, before you ever open it out of the package.


For years, we've had to take buzz baits, we'd open them up, we'd hang them out the car window, and we'd let them ride for a couple of day to get that squeak. The guys at Molix, the geniuses at Molix, have figured out a way to get it to pre-squeak. It's all in the rivet of that bait.


If you take a close up look at it, that's not a regular rivet on that bait. That's a very special rivet that's going to give that bait that squeaky sound. It's got a lot of those same great features we talked about in the past. It's got that super sharp rotating hook on it. It's got that flat head, which is a key to the Lovr Buzz, because it's going to let that bait plane quick. As soon as that bait hits the water, it's going to get right up on the top, and it's going to start planing. That's what you want in a buzzbait.


Couple of little other tricked out things on this thing. If you look at it right where that line ties at, we've got a little, what I call, a grass guard on it, and that's going to keep that grass, and that snot that you normally get, from balling up on it. We've also got another guard here, a little, clear guard on the back, that's going to do the same thing. It's going to keep that snot from getting on the bait.


The other nice thing about the Lovr Buzz is we've got some really hot, new colors. I'm holding one of them right now, which is that white blade. You get around shad, or white perch, it's a killer. And then, if you look down right here, I'll show you a couple of the other new colors. We've got that dirty water color. We've got the classic chartreuse, and white, with a new blade on it, we've got the orange blade. And then, we've got that bullfrog blade, that if you fish around any place that has frogs in it, please try that one out.


Listen to me, if you like the buzzbait fish, if you're sick of tricking them out, and you want to open something up right out of the pack, that's ready to go, try the new Molix Lovr Buzz. Try some of these new colors. You're going to catch more fish.


Mike Iaconelli for BassResource, at ICAST 2013.

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