Molix Supernato Sub-Surface Frog

Mike Iaconelli shows you the Molix Supernato, a unique sub-surface frog bait unlike any other!

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Hey, folks. Mike Iaconelli, back here at the Molix booth, ICAST 2013.


I want to talk about a frog that's really become a key part of my frog arsenal in the last year. Frog fishing's always been a super exciting way to catch them, but there's limits to frog fishing. It's a surface bait, thick, top water, matted bait, but there's a lot of situations where you want a frog that's subsurface. It was never one of these things around before, until Molix introduced this. It's called the Supernato.


If you look at that thing, kind of, in the back looks like a traditional frog. But then, when you get to the front, it all changes. It's got a short, shallow diving bill. It's got this kind of a jointed head here. Super sharp hooks, and awesome single skirt on it, and that's the magic of this bait, is this bill.


Now, for the first time, I get in situations where there's a small lane over that thick grass. In the spring, when the grass is first coming up, in the fall, when the vegetation's dying, and there becomes that lane of water over the grass, this has been a killer.


The other place, and you wouldn't think about it, is around traditional hard cover. Things like overhanging trees, docks, brush, and logs. This is a great alternative to things like a spinnerbait or a crankbait. I love using a traditional crankbait around docks, but I'd get hung up a lot. I'd get hung up on the ropes, on the docks themselves. And now, I have that same shallow diving, crank bait action, in a bait that's not going to snag.


If you like skipping frogs, this thing skips like you wouldn't believe. So, imagine a crankbait action, underneath a cover where fish have never seen that vibrating motion of a crankbait. This year, they've got a new size in it, so in places that have smaller forage, it's a great way to mimic the size of the forage.


If you like fishing frogs, if you want a frog that has an action that you've never seen before, that goes sub-surface, try the Molix Supernato. I guarantee you're going to catch some big bass.


Mike Iaconelli for BassResource, ICAST 2013.

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