My Wedge Motor Toter

See a demonstration of the My Wedge motor totor.  Quick, simple, and easy.
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What we have here guys is called a My Wedge. It's an outboard motor support. What it does here is it eliminates the old transom bar. So, the old motor mate transom bar, whatever you guys want to call it. Simply take our product right here and slide it right onto your trim piston. Trim your motor down until it just snugs tight just like that. It's easy as that, down the road you go.


If you have a Yamaha, you want to be sure you put that on the opposite side. Same concept. Just trim it down until it's snug. Keep your motor straight. What we have is also another product called steering clips. Steering clip is very simple. You take it, simply slide it right here onto your c-bar, keeps your motor from turning left and right. Simple as that guys.


Plus for our product right here. It's a really simple situation is it's rubber from top to bottom, durable cover on it, lasts forever. The only thing that might happen is you'll lose it. Besides that, it's forever guys. As simple as that.

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