New Pinnacle Rods and Reels

ICAST 2012
John Crews shows you the latest Pinnacle rods and reels from Pinnacle!

What's up, BassResource, John Crews here. We're at ICAST 2012. I'm here in the Pinnacle booth. We've got a lot of cool new stuff here. This is the Optimus LTE Reel. It's a brand new reel. It's got the nice matte finish. It's got the beautiful red accents, which I like the red and black obviously. But they did all three of the most popular gear ratios that you're going to need. They did a 5.5:1, deep cranking, throwing the big swimbait, big stuff like that. They've got 6:4:1 which is a good all around reel for smaller cranking, spinner baits, a lot of applications. They've got a 7:3:1 for all your faster speed worming, flipping all that kind of stuff. It's a $159 reel. It's built on the same Optimus frame as some of the other models are. All those models I've been super happy with, so I know this reel is going to fall right in line. A carbon fiber handle, nice hard rubber grips, so it's a good work horse type reel, and I look forward to fishing with it.

But that's not it. We came out with three new actions in the rods, the Perfecta rods that has three new actions. One of them I helped develop. The square bill crankbait rod is a rod that I helped them develop. It's a seven foot medium heavy crankin rod. A lot of crankbait rods are medium action, and crankbait rods in general have a slow parabolic action so that rod loads up and you don't lose the fish on these treble hooks. Well, this is a medium heavy version and a seven foot action so if you're throwing square bills, which have gotten super popular, you can throw that square bill around and you can use that 14, 17, even 20 pound test. Throw that a little bit bigger, more of a power crankbait. I’ve both flipped and swung four pounders in the boat, three and four pounders, no problem with this rod. So it's definitely got enough backbone, but yet it's still got that slow parabolic crankbait action that you want. That's a rod that I've already gotten quite used to.

Then the two other actions they did, well, Dave Wolak helped design a seven foot heavy action spinning rod. This is one of those rods that when I first got the sample I said I'm probably not going to use it that much. Then I started fishing tournaments and I said, you know what, I need a heavier action spinning rod. I need a heavier action spinning rod. I actually use this a whole lot more than I thought I would. That's really a light rod, but it's got a nice stiff backbone, whether you're fishing little jigs, things like that and you're skipping way up under, or you're fishing something with a braid on it and you want to ride with a little more backbone. This is the one you want.

Also, they designed a 7' 11'' rod, a longer rod for throwing the umbrella type rigs which have gotten extremely popular. This rod is the rod that Paul Elias won that FLW tournament last fall at Gunnersville that kind of kick started the whole Alabama rig, umbrella rig craze. This is the rod that he was using. It's got a moderate fast taper on the end. A little bit different than a flipping stick. This is your umbrella rig rod. I've had a lot of people asking for those. This is definitely it.

That's everything we've got new here at Pinnacle, here in 2012. Be sure to check out the rest of the site for a lot more information and we'll see you later.