Postspawn Jerkbaits

Learn how to catch postspawn bass with jerkbaits in this instructional video.


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What's going on everybody? This is Tyler Anderson from Tyler'sReel Fishing and Lucky Tackle Box and today I am going to be explaining to you guys how to fish the Lunkerhunt Kraken Jerkbait, you guys are going to be receiving on your Lucky Tackle Box. Let's get started.


Now today as you guys can probably tell, I am in a slightly different scenario. I am not in a bass boat and I am not on the shore. I am in a pond here in a good old Bass Buggy on a farm. So today I am gonna teach you guys how to fish with this jerkbait. We are here in Texas, in late April almost May, we are in classic post-spawn almost summertime techniques, so I am gonna be explaining to you guys how this jerkbait can help you guys catch fish both in the pre-spawn and post-spawn phases. 
Let's get started with rigging. So fishing with jerkbait is much like any other crankbait is pretty simple. So, I am just gonna tie a regular Palomar Knot on to this jerkbait here and a lot of time with baits straight out of the box, I like to change the hooks. But I've looked at these hooks here and I felt them and they feel pretty strong to me so no need to change the hooks out today. We are ready to start fishing.


So the rod and reel combination that I like to use is basically a short crankbait rod. So today I have a Lew's Custom Speed Stick, 6'9" medium. It's a very good rod. It also works great for small jerkbaits like this. And then I have the Lew's BB1 Pro Speed Spool. It's awesome for crankbaits and jerkbaits. That's practically all you guys need to know about rigging.


So the thing that is pretty unique about this jerkbait, I won't say unique, a lot of jerkbaits are like this but the ones that you guys are receiving is a floating jerkbait and a pretty fast floater at that. So you are gonna want to make sure to jerk this bait pretty fast. Now some of the advantages of using a floating jerk bait especially around timber and really spiky rocks and grass and that kinda thing, is that it doesn't really dig down into the grass, and gets stuck down there because it suspends. You are able to jerk jerk jerk, pause, let it kinda float up above the sticks and jerk it back down into it.
So today we are gonna kinda of target and also talk about location, several key structures in this pond to catch these fish. So when I am cranking the jerkbait, or I should say jerking the jerkbait, I usually like to give it a certain cadence. So you can try and think about a certain song that you like to sing along to so staying alive is a pretty good song, you know. "Ah, ah, ah, ah, staying alive." But really, you got to have cadence going in your mind. A lot of guys are split on this topic, they either like to jerk it super erradically with no cadence or like to go, one two, pause, one. One two, pause, one. That kind of thing. So really play around with the fish want. From watching my videos, I really like to give tips on fish how the fish want it. There is really no standard way to work a bait, especially a jerk bait. You really have to fish it how the fish want it. So, let's move onto location and see how these fish want it.
Let's go, let's go. Right as I was casting, ah ha, he spit it. Man, right about when I was going to give a teaching point about throwing over main lake points, I got a bite. So, I'll hop back into that real quick.


So as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by that fish, there are several main pieces of structures, especially in ponds that you want to fish around. And one of that is main lake points. So these fish will be spawning back in a spawning flat or a creek or super up shallow and then immediately after the spawn, they are going to move on to those secondary ditches, secondary points. So you wanna cast the, oh goodness, oh goodness. Oh my, as I was saying that. As I was s saying that. This is awesome. Not a bad fish either. Not a bad fish. Where is he at? Oh yeah. All right. This is a struggle. This is a struggle. We are gonna try and bring him back this way. 
So as I was saying I gave it two jerks right of that point there. And It was as the shore dropped from super shallow to deep and we got him here. Let's move us around. Come on, come on, bring it in. I don't think he is that big, oh he's not bad though. Oh, all right, first nice fish on the jerkbait. and as I was saying you guys should really pay attention to where the fish is going towards. They were spawning back in the shallow pocket, they moved back out here in the main lake point and they are chomping the jerkbait. Cool.
You guys can see this hooks got him pretty good. He was not coming off, that's for sure. Sweet. See you bud.


All right so I am gonna cast right over that point. Kinda on the shallow section right there. I am gonna give it one two, pause, one two, one. I don't know why I am counting. I am just trying to show you guys how these fish like to eat the jerkbait in the post spawn.


The water clarity today is a little bit dingy today as you can probably tell. It's about like chocolate milk so you want to make sure you give you bait plenty of action and also take a bait that has some chartreuse, some green, maybe some darker colors, black and blue, because that way the fish will be able to see it.
Fish feed based on their lateral lines and based on vibration and sight and you really want to give them a bit of silhouette to look at in the water and dark and bright colors are often times good for that.


As you guys can tell it's a windy day today. I have got the windy fuzzy thing on, so you wanna fish in the wind blown area. Now what wind does, if you have ever watched my videos, I love to talk about wind because it creates natural current. Current stirs up the ecosystem, it stirs up the phytoplankton, then the bait fish, then the bass that feed on that bait fish. So you really wanna throw this jerk bait around or any other bait for that matter around places that has currents, points, and trees are great places for that.


So we worked our way up to another point. Not a giant but in the video here. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you ever want to learn anything more about fish, make sure to check on my channel Tyler'sReelFishing and thank you guys so much for subscribing to Lucky Tackle Box channel. It means the world, so we could teach you guys how to fish with baits like this. See you guys next time.

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